On Conjoined twins and AmberDhara

I hardly ever see any serials, especially not the soap operas and k serials that run on sony zee or star. Recently when at my friends house i caught a glimpse of this serial on Sony- Ambar Dhara. It is based on Conjoined twins.

Most twins are conjoined at the head or at the waist or at the chest or the bottom area but nooooooo they are conjoined just around 3 inches above their elbow.

Now most conjoined twins would always wish to be separated, and would even risk their life in complicated surgeries. But this story is something else. By the look of it they can be separated even by me if not by our very busy and humorous Rambodoc…..but nooooooo

My friend told me that she couldnt quite figure out how such stuff does ever get an audience, that too when they make it so obvious that they are faking it – with all those full hand salwar kameez and other clothes they sometimes wear… pic

Recently on more deeper study , and after reading theΒ  wiki it seems they are conjoined by the hip, 20% of the liver is a part of Amber’s body and the remaining 80% , a part of Dhara’s body this is the funniest conjuring by the scriptwriter in tv history i suppose, that too when they dont remotely look alike.

Recently the newspapers and the news channels were abuzz with the news of the successful operation of Lakshmi from her Parasitic twin .

Coming to the point when will there be some sensible programming on cable tv? how long do we bear with Crappy Sob operas and k serials like this?



13 thoughts on “On Conjoined twins and AmberDhara

  1. Like Ankur said swicth over to Star world man….Amber Dhara is the biggest joke of the Century!!!!!.All indian serials suck to the core…to much melodrama

  2. The comedy serials are good timepass Prax, so don’t bother with these sob operas. As Ankur said Star World is a better option.The other option could be the reality shows.They have comedy, drama, music, dance and suspense all in one.You are not forced to vote so you don’t feel cheated when the wrong person wins so you are a winner all the way πŸ™‚

  3. I dont usually keep a TV at my place, havent got the time anyway…. but maybe sometime later when F1 and Euro Cup is about to start next year… till then, advertisements are the best thing on TV and I dont think I should get one for those.

  4. thanks guys n gals for ur response
    first my tv has conked off last yr and i still havent bothered to get it repaired – tv is restricted to viewing on the computer with my tv card and as im stuck with dd direct plus it means dw tv old movies on dd kashmir and the once in a while funny regional movies – punjabi gujrati and kannada and sometimes fr entertainment south channels, thankfully i dont have either of the lot -i miss the discovery the A1 and similar channels and of course simpsons etc – im still thinking on tatasky but not that keen on tv viewing in general
    and am happy with online tv like tvdekho etc and curtail tv viewing as im an easy addict -i get all the bizz and news channels there- plus with mtnl supefast line i can download anything i like – like the latest episode of any series i choose – not the stuff that has been shown in the us a yr ago and recycled for indian audience !

    frankly i really dont care doc ! and this was purely based on observing ambar dhara for exactly 12 minutes at a friends house.
    i was forced to do this post thanks to what i saw was the degradation of content in local entertainment channels and its easy consumption and brain numbing effects πŸ™‚
    rambodoc – do such serials numb ones brains?? i certainly think they do.

  5. it is a beautiful serial.that takes one to its right path of his/her destination.simply sweet.some jokers misunderstand…

  6. rincy i wasnt taking a dig at the serials content but its presentation, frankly i dont even see it , and know that a lot of people do
    i dont however get the logic of attaching to sane girls and showing them as conjoined , when in 99% cases most parents go for separating them even if it means loosing one or both.

  7. The finale of Amberdhara was most disappointing to those who were following it. It was not explained :
    a. If Amber had received a liver transplant, as in earlier episodes, she would not have survived an operation
    b. What happened t her mother’s brain tumor,
    c. Where was the grandfather who adored them,
    d. Why were they not officially acquitted by the court, and
    e. What happened to boyfriend Akshat, and why was he not present at the denouement of the series?
    It seems that they were separated merely so that they could have pillowfights! WILL SONY WRITERS PLS. EXPLAIN.
    Thanks, Amy

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