Mumbai Roads and Marathons

I was stuck in a jam a few days back and will blog about once i get my mobile dongle and upload the pics. Jams are part and parcel of a Mumbaikars life, but the time taken to clear them out is increasing day by day.

Recently I read that the fifth Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, to be run on the western side streets of the metropolis on January 20, has enhanced its prize money to USD 2.4 lakh and has attracted 40 of the world’s top 100 marathoners.

The prize money is a cool Rs 96,00,000! that too for a sport most Mumbaikars are remotely interested in. Yes, the whole event is positive and helps by donating to NGOs and Charity, and also due to public participation however minuscule it may be in statistical terms.

But im quite unimpressed about the whole affair and find it a wastage of resources and a big corporate add event. why?

First because some foreigner gets to come and take away the booty, while already poorly sponsored local talent gets peanuts.

Secondly the whole media glare and focus is on the Filmstars and Celebrities and not on either the world champ runners or the mumbaikar who should also be given some coverage.

Thirdly because i find it quite fake and not truly portraying the true, real Mumbai . This is mainly because the roads used for the marathon are Showcase roads and real roads and bylanes in Mumbai are so badly maintained, that people using them get a range of problems and sicknesses ranging from minor sprains muscle pulls etc to the more serious fractures, neck, lumbar and back problems and complications from those problems.

It would be better to structure the race in such a manner that the roads chosen are the ones that portray the true Mumbai including roads that are uncared for or badly kept so that the administration is embarrassed into doing something about their upkeep.


4 thoughts on “Mumbai Roads and Marathons

  1. oh come on.. do u need a reason to complain….

    the sponsors are happy because they are getting the attention they want.
    the celebs are happy because they are getting paid, plus its giving them coverage.
    the local atheletes are happy because they now know that if their performance is world class, they can make big bucks…. (u and i can retire with the prize money)
    the municipality is happy because this big event puts their city in the gloabl map.

    so i see no reason why prax should be unhappy

    well the primary grouse is that the whole mumbai marathon really doesn’t represent the mumbaikar! or do anything about the betterment of his life or roads

  2. the whole mumbai marathon really doesn’t represent the mumbaikar!

    You are right. It doesn’t. But it showcases Mumbai so the average Mumbaikar stands to gain from it in an indirect way. But yeah, any traffic jams caused can be irritating.

    hey thanks for ur comment
    yes it is almost all show

  3. I also have wondered what is the big deal in a marathon, when a cricket match or a football tournament would have been more popular. Even a tennis tournament…
    There must be some economics we don’t understand!


  4. The showcase roads remind me of the time when Bill Clinton was about to visit India for the first time. In Delhi, they were claning the roads and repairing street lamps only on the route he was supposed to take. Same had happened in B’lore when Tony Blair was visiting… only those roads had a pedestrian pavement… I guess part of being good in business is presenting yourself well… anyway, are you planning to take part in it?

    mostly not lets see depends upon my friends convincing powers

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