Goodbye Pramod Navalkar

Senior Shiv Sena leader and former minister Pramod Navalkar died on Tuesday following a heart attack at age 75. Navalkar was diabetic. He underwent a bypass surgery in 1995. He had stopped appearance at public functions two years ago due to ill health.

Other than being a prominent Shiv Sena Leader, he was a veteran journalist and columnist and had written nearly 50 books. He was a member of the Senas old guard and one of the few Sena leaders that had the stature similar to Thackarey.

Victorian he might have been with his eccentric moral policing ideals, but he was certainly one of the few politicians that truly loved his Khetwadi constituency, and Mumbai City in general.  He was a simple humble man, with a very clean image . A man who had no problems mingling with the common people.

He did a world of good to the common Mumbaikar with many of his projects like the cleanup of Girgaum Chowpatty, and Nana Nani park, ideas which were later emulated in juhu and many other places.


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