The Amazing Gowdas!

I had been commenting on the political affairs of Karnataka. I dont know how to describe them but the whole Gowda bunch are simply Amazing!

gowda gowda

From the day Mr Deve Gowda became the surprise sleeping Pm of the country to the day he got his son H D Kumaraswamy the post of Karnataka CM, their theatrics and melodrama and Gowda’s expert tactful bargaining abilities are more interesting than most soap operas like the Bold and the beautiful , young and restless and at home the kasauti or kahani or the latest in soap on star, sony or zee tv. Being the humble farmers son, this man has the ability to bargain and negotiate better than any IIM or Management graduate in this country. The family has never missed an opportunity to amuse and amaze me with their antics and their open and loud public family squabbles.

After so many betrayals and repeat betrayals with both the leading parties the Bjp and the Congress, It seemed like the dream of somehow holding on to the CMs Chair was all but over, Thanks to the Madam at the Centre, who deciding Aab Bahuuut hor Gaya! Eets time for Thakurr to take over and declared Presidents rule and planned for Elections.

But wait Its still not over, now Disenchanted with his father Deve Gowda and his JD (S) party, the former CM HD says he is floating a new party. Lets see maybe the Father and Son duo will hug and make up after the next elections.

* images from tribune and rediff.

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Gowdas!

  1. Kumaraswamy’s elevation to the CM’s post was as dramatic as his dethroning. Dewe Gowda disowned him for joining communal forces.Later he tried to rescue him like a doting father.Love them or hate them you can’t ignore the father son duo.The rumour is that Dewe Gowda’s personal astrologer told him that if elections take place in the state he will win.

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