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Recently the brother of India’s Rural Development Minister Raghuvansh Prasad Singha close associate of the the so called messiah of the Lower castes in Bihar Laloo Prasad Yadhav, was caught using lower caste children as young as 10 to plough his field. so much for the new laws to prevent Child labor.

One of the two children, identified as Sonu Lal Kumar, is shown saying: “My hands and feet ache all the time, but I cannot leave this work. I need to work for food.

In other news the very famous and very outspoken Pakistani chat show queen Begum Nawazish Ali or her alter ego Ali Saleem who has been hired by Channel 9X for a chat show to start on Dec 15 had a few words of advise for the current regime of politicians in India.

Lastly its Modi vs the Sucular English Media, Congress, Left, Sucular Ngo bunch, the Secular Islamists, EC and not to forget the dissidents in Gujrat. Though the dissidents including fractions of RSS and Vhp would want BJP to win they would be happy if Modi just scratches through so as to drive a point home and undermine his clout. Things should be rather interesting.


4 thoughts on “In the news

  1. midday meal, midday meal, midday meal….
    this is one of the best solutions to child labor problems…
    the worst part about child labor is that the kid is doomed to do manual labor for the rest of the life.

  2. i have eaten midday meal with the school kids in Nanded, Gwalior and Bangalore… and i must say the food is as good as the ones available in langars.. or temples (free of cost)… i.e. good enough

    the idea of midday meal is
    1) 70% of the country’s children suffer from malnutrition … so this scheme will solve the problem at its source.
    2) there will be lesser incentive for the parents to force kids to work in order to buy food.
    3) it will give the teachers an opportunity to teach the kids for atleast 2-3 hours every day… and reduce the illiteracy.

    agreed but waht abt places like up bihar etc where there is no ngo participation
    and absenteesm is a norm?

  3. Politics at its prime these days…the first one was really an in-human act with children doing the work of bulls…nothing more shameless can be expected from our politicians.

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