Back in Time- the Birth of Bangladesh

This day reminds me of the rout of the Pakistan Army in one of the quickest victories in the recent military history, that led to the Shimla Agreement which opened the door to the creation of the nation of Bangladesh as separate from Pakistan.



3 thoughts on “Back in Time- the Birth of Bangladesh

  1. Can you believe it? Our two major parties Congress and the BJP are fighting over which was a bigger victory ‘Kargil’ Or ’71 war’.

    why not it is all about appropriation
    instead of thanking the brave soldiers who died at the front this is what u can expect from them
    darn i didnt expect petty politiking from the so called party with a difference
    on the other hand the congress has its own cross to bear
    take any big project funded by the govt
    then look at its name it must have a nehru gandhi indira jawahar rajiv name in it
    as if there were no other national leaders who contributed to the development of the nation…

  2. And now there’s a debate going on over ‘Vijay Diwas’ and ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’. These guys sure just want to gather some political clout through these military victories. I think the Indian people respect the soldier very much, its just the politicians n bureaucrats who dont care.

    Rohmen welcome to my blog

    frankly there were lots of blunders the politicians made both bjp and indira congress
    if u look at how she handled the post win phase and how bangladesh with its dgft and jamaitislamia has turned out into another mini pakistan, but everyone wants to bajav their danka of successes

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