On Gujrat Politics

Today is Modi’s victory day.

He proved the entire bunch of scular parties and moreso the Godhra mongering Scular English Media and the Eminent psyphologist wrong by getting so close to absolute majority.

I think he won not because of his hindutva but because of his development and his hard work. Things are going to be interesting in National Politics now.

I found a few god articles / posts worth reading ..read on

Acorns one liner Nitas post

Who made Modi a national figure? Tavleen Singh (must read)

and for some sunday levity read Sagarikas post and the comments section
lastly this ones, from the man who got his predictions right.
Why Modi will score a landslide win again Arvind J Bosmia


6 thoughts on “On Gujrat Politics

  1. Prax I read that Tavleen Singh’s article. Thanks for giving that link. She is right, Rajeev Gandhi too is guilty, though in different circumstances. But I feel everyone involved with the Sikh riots too should be punished. As rajeev is dead he has protected his fair name!

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