Pakistan – Terror full circle ?

Well now that the Benazir Butto has been assasinated it seems to me like things are going to be very very interesting in Pakistan.

This whole episode somehow reminds me of Ninoy Aquino.

Maybe Rambodoc is right “Those who live by the sword perish by it” and it is fitting with the Bhutto clan…from Nita’s post.

Read about the bhutto clan Shah Nawaz Zulfikar Ali Bilawal Mir Murtaza Bhutto

One ought to remember thought, that these are the very people propped up by Hamid Gul the then ISI chief, during the first Benazir regime — to cut India by a thousand swords of insurgency and militancy.

It looks like that the Islamists are no more fearful of the Military anymore and have become audaciously daring in pursuing their objectives.The US plan B is now finished. Question in my mind is – has the AQ done this or is it someone who has used the AQ to do this act ?


6 thoughts on “Pakistan – Terror full circle ?

  1. Bhutto with her white veil, bejeweled blouses, flawless English and flair for drama and theatrical timing, Benazir Bhutto painted herself as lady liberty, a lone woman willing to risk all and stand up to Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.
    Bhutto said she is the one who can stop Musharraf and his crackdown, which has seen several thousand lawyers, students and political activists arrested. Observers compared the situation in Pakistan to September’s uprising in Myanmar, where monks and opposition leader (and Nobel Peace Prize-winner) Aung San Suu Kyi rallied against the military junta.
    But Pakistan is not Myanmar, and Bhutto was no Aung San Suu Kyi.
    Bhutto is a flawed hero. She has been accused – she said “for political reasons” – of massive corruption while serving twice as prime minister, first in the late 1980s and later in the mid-1990s. Bhutto stands accused of stealing roughly $1.5 billion, mostly in the form of kickbacks on government contracts. Should we mourn her death?

    Well i believe in taking all aspects of people into consideration before judging them – the good the bad and the ugly.
    Benazir was a wonderful personality who was brilliant in some aspects
    on Should we mourn her death? that i leave to each Pakistani to decide by himself after weighing in her pros and cons because i believe that im in no position to do it myself.

  2. Yes, during Bhutto’s regime, she too played along with the extremists. Almost every Pakistani regime has done so, they have either played along or turned a blind eye. That is why today the terrorists are far too powerful for any government to handle. They have a global network and an unending supply of people for their army (and people willing to die for them) and moles in every government office, and a fantastic Intelligence network. It’s difficult to see Pakistan coming out of this situation smoothly because right now the terrorists need Pakistan and they are not going to let go.

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