Disturbia – movie review

Wanted to see this movie a long time ago, but never managed to.I am a big fan of suspense and mystery movies and have even stayed up till 3 am to watch exorcist all alone – ok to be fair i had kept the volume low.

This movie is about a boy under a 3 mth house arrest for punching his prof, that after facing a trauma of being in an accident leading to the death of his father. Nothing to do he turns to voyeurism and then begins the story.

It is a fast paced movie and the element of suspense is quite well maintained, though a person with a trained eye can correctly guess what comes next.Net net this movie is Caruso’s take for the vh1 generation on Hitchcock’s  “Rear Window” mixed with a dash of gore.

Suitable audience 17+ to 27 . This movie is definitely worth a watch in a group.


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