Press freedom in India

I read an excellent article about how the governments have over time, squeezed the press in India, wherein the writer compares Indian covert style of stifling with that of Putins Russia. I must say one thing, at least the independent press in Russia had balls unlike our so called free press which has never been free.

We have seen DD Direct plus the govts dth innitiative go from a decent alternative to becoming DD Direct UPA mouthpiece wherein most channels of Congress, UPA associates have been accommodated in place of good channels or channels with affiliation to those opposing the govt. N – axal Ram the owner cum Editor of Hindu or CBCNN is the PTI chairperson.

We have press houses not risking dishing out anything negative, lest the govt stops the add revenue and blocks their money raising abilities with foreign sources or curbs their freedoms using state machinery.Take for example Aaj tak, which has totally lost its standards and become like a prime time entertainment channel as there is no hint of their hard hitting style of reporting left , their nightly news consists of the going ons of soaps and K serials.

Most prominent english media, anyways has an anti Hindu – pro sucular tag which is not without good reason. Ndtv (owned by the Roys who are related to the Communist Scions the Karats) is never really negative on the govt or the communists. Outlook editor is virtually the Congress mouthpiece. Cnn IBN another channel with its prominent first family the Sardesais and their team have desperately tried to turn the tide against Modi have also tasted failure. Ht is well known for their affiliation with the first party/family of India – little wonder their editor got to do the one and only interview with madam .

On the other hand a puny few houses are pro bjp one being the daily pioneer, the other the Rss mothpiece the relatively unknown panchjanya.

As i see it it is now upto the blog sphere and independent blogs and writers to write without fear or secret bias. No wonder they even tried to unsuccessfully ban them .


10 thoughts on “Press freedom in India

  1. not really it is an info relay medium for the central govt

    if u can read between lines and cut out some of their commi blabber – ndtv does good reporting of news
    but the problem is these are times of live reporting and the so called senior/ star reporters (at least in terms of pay) do the reporting without knowing theon ground situation
    like in my post on modi win – the Gujarati reporter predicted accurately while those persuing an agenda lost face

  2. how many times have u actually seen an expert comming on the camera and sharing his views…
    what u will find is that they catch a celeb who goes and blabbers about something he/she has no idea about

  3. expect this to be in regards to the pvt news channels

    most people employed are self appointed experts people like Bark Dat and Raj sdesai funnily Yoge yadav the ibn psephologist and poll expert specialises in going wrong

  4. Press in India is definitely biased and it is indeed sad. I agree with you about bloggers. They are the best thing that have happened to the world. Each blog is a free voice and you can hear hundreds of these free souls. There are some people who feel that blogs should not give their own view (I had someone on my non-veg post saying that) but I disagree. A blog is a viewpoint and no one is compelled to agree. There are different viewpoints in different blogs and that is what is important.

  5. @nita…
    everybody is biased… we all have a way of life/opinon which has worked for us.. and we would like to stick with it…
    but the problem is that people who have no idea what the issue is about come on air and start giving expert opinion

  6. thanks folks for the response
    nita i fully agree
    true as ankur says everyone is biased so better that the biases are out in the open rather than the standard hypocrisies and hidden interests of media who claim moral higher ground

  7. let me tell you bloggers what you are exactly.a bunch of undemocratic pseudo nationalistic morons who give real concerned democratic people a bad dont the congress.fine i donot like them either,but because you support modi so any one else who not support them are unpatriotic biased people is totally garbage.You call yourselves patriotic hindus yet you are least bothered about obc and sc fact you hate sc and obc hindus more than you hate muslims,.at least the media worry about the deprived poeple in our you bunch of self serving egotistical rascist jerks dont the right to criticise them.

    Wow ur a real moron urself, and ur statement has so many contradictions and is so generalising, that all u do is amuse me with ur ignorance. U think u can hide behind a fake email address, when i have ur ip with me … shows ur intelligence level
    Also if ur so much of a congress/commi loving dalit or obc from cal then be proud about it …

  8. iam a dalit and iam proud of it.and i have all ready said that i donot like the congress.but it doesnot mean that t have to like that mass murdering modi.moreover our press has more balls than you.they dared to criticise modi government during gujrat riots even though his party was at the centre at that time.if you think that you bunch of arm chair patriots are so courageous then why dont you try to run a real newspaper and criticise the government instead running a playschool blog and pretending to a big bad journalist.actually you people are behaving like those serbian jerks who could only terrorise independent journalists critical of the serbian government but inspite of their rumbling when the nato troops came they surrendered without actually trying to fight them.

    Mr tiger
    first if ur so courageous why dont u give ur ream email address?
    I believe people aren’t bad some of their deeds may be
    On Modi Congress and likes
    All politicians including Modi, Indira, Communists and the current lot of dalit politicians have used criminals and goons for furthering their cause..
    It is not wrong to criticize modi but neither is it right to slander him without having proof of his crimes.

    Just recently Mayawati gave a ticket to a history sheeter criminal who is in jail a ticket to fight elections..

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