On Racism and Cricket

Humans are social animals that cant live alone, but once u put too many culturally/visibly/ habitually different people together problems are bound to occur.

Racism can be through words or actions. Its easier to see racism when something concrete is done like say the kkk doin an arson attack on some poor African American household .

But words, they are even more dangerous….. now Does a black become racist if he calls another black a Nigger? or is he exempt, for being a “nigger” himself – and worse, do i become racist if i call him black instead of African American?

Similarly is the fair skinned South Indian from Periyar / Munnar racist if he calls a black skinned keralite Blackie? Is Mr M Karnanidhi Stalin’s mother racist when she says — Ah Son U have become so dark /black with all the electioneering under the sun (prejudiced against black skin) ( even though i couldn’t see any difference – but thats another issue)

The tussle between Harbhajan and Symonds caused quite an uproar, here in India when the poor brown skinned sardar was labeled as racist when he responded to the verbal shower.

The fact is no 0ne, except the players in a 3 foot radius can confirm who really said what and then the situation becomes my word against yours and then the whole thing degenerates into chaos as it now has.

Question is did harbhajan say *MAA-KI* only MAA KI or Monkey

Aussis say Bhajji said Monkey – Sachin says he said Maa Ki

Whose word would u take as authentic? the Aussi players or the Reputed Little masters? Plus who has authority about Indian Bad/Curse words — Aussis ? Umpires ??..NAAA

Lastly as my mother once pointed out – Why do they always swear on the mother ?? and what did she do wrong??? –And in her opinion Harbhajan should be soundly spanked by his mother for insulting motherhood, and why leave Symonds out ?? he is equally guilty, cause – if im not mistaken he also used the word “f**king bastard” (another mother + curse)

Why get so offended by the word monkey? well it was news to me that the Aussis considered the Aborigines non human and called them monkeys – worse how would bhajji know? He till recently couldn’t even speak English that well and he would have most likely have called Symonds a Bander (monkey in hindi)

Symonds is of West Indian descent anyways so why all the fuss – plus didn’t we all evolve from apes? Plus aren’t the Aussis derogatory to the great lord Hanuman by considering a monkey as a race insult?

In the pre- independence era, the Whites were openly racist and only people of regal lineage would play with them. (No entry to Dogs and Indians)

Weren’t the Damned and the Condemned Aussis (Austraila was kalapani for british criminals) themselves racist to the Aborigines population until late 60s calling them Monkeys and treating them as non human? and have they returned Aborigines lands including the famous barrier reef ?

Weren’t the South African elite Racist until the overthrow of the Aparthaed.

Why has no action taken against Aussis even after several complaints by the Lankans and the Pakistanis?

Is the ICC racist ? Are some of the Umpires and match referees racist? Why is the White mans word superior to the Asian mans word ? Is this not clear Racism in policy and in implementation.

Is the Indian Sports board policy racist, when it provides indian atheletes and medalwinners shitholes while it offers the Foreign Players * rated accommodation ?

Is the international differential compensation system in case of death due to Air Crash racist? Is the European Visa policy not racist? Why are the folks from Us , Austraila other countries allowed visas on landing while Indians are tortured in the visa offices? Ditto with American random screening that targets Asians.

Net net me thinks its only words – whats more important is Actions and people should focus more on actions and not words.

Lastly looks like it will soon be packup time for the ICC , that is if India, Africans and Asians unite to make a World Cricket body that is more representative, democratic and unbiased.

Update : looks like the Indian cricket board has chickened out yet again, so its all money money money, when whill they find their spine??


5 thoughts on “On Racism and Cricket

  1. well written article prax. my first visit to your blog!

    I agree with what you said- aren’t we all descendants of chimpanzees anyway? so what’s abusive about being called a monkey? All those swear words that focus on abusing moms are worse…I feel.

    I didn’t know about the MAA KI angle…interesting.

  2. ya even I am waiting for Sub-ontinent cricket control board replaing ICC! these people (aussies, english etc have a complex u see.. They want to prove to the whole world that there are racists in all parts of the world all cos they were titled many times in history!

  3. I agree that even if bhajji called symonds a monkey it’s ridiculous to think of that words as racist. we use this word all the time in india amongst each other and it’s used to denote someone who is naughty.
    to think that words like bastard are okay, but not monkey is a something which shows the ridiculous thinking of these games.monkey is far milder!
    one thing is clear to me. Bhajji is not a racist. this whole controversy is a frame-up. there is no proof that he said monkey but they still charged him. that shows who is racist!

  4. Too many questions, too few answers…:( That said, Indians are not any less racist or biased towards the fair skin. Just open the matrimonial.

    agree , do u know that pale europeans die for our brown or glazed skin ??the chinese and the others in far east also use frair skin creams as much as indians do ??

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