A silent death to the Indo-Us Nucular deal?

Well that wasn’t a typo but plain Bush speak…

The deal between India and the US came about after some tough talking and hard bargaining from both sides . The credit on the Indian side, for this deal primarily goes to the current Atomic Energy Commission chairman Anil Kakodkar, without whom it would be just another Indus water treaty, if history and the abilities of babudom are anything to go by.

The much discussed Nuclear deal, seems to be slowly dying a rather silent death. The communists don’t want it because it undermines their big bosses in China, whose thirst for power and energy only rival the US.

The Pm Mr MMS, who had made this deal his prestige issue, even daring the communists to pull the rug, had done an about turn to stay in power and save the Govt. Infact till recently he said that it was still on and due process was going on. Now looks like he is also attempting to distance himself from his pet deal by saying” if it fell through and he would pray to God to give him courage to be graceful under pressure.”

The new Australian PM doesn’t want to sell us the Uranium, as reports say that he prefers the look east policy or might I say to look more North-West ie towards China. Though the higgle haggle is still going on between the IAEA and Kakodkar, without the Aussi Uranium the whole deal is fruitless to India.


3 thoughts on “A silent death to the Indo-Us Nucular deal?

  1. i was also thinking of writing about it but did not get time…
    good you wrote about it…

    My views…
    this was exactly what i was expected…
    Bush had clearly and repeatedly mentioned that he cannot risk to take the risk of having any mention about it during the Presidential Primaries.
    for even though it makes good economic sense for US, its almost impossible to present a case where exporting WMD technology is good.

    Austraila…. They r one of the most responsible Uranium exporters (they have to be because even though they all 40% of the Uranium.. they have no reactors)
    If America was supporting India, then they might find it hard not to agree to export… but without America, they will not even think about it.

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