After the Mumbai Marathon 2007

Today was the day of the much hyped and publicized Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2007.

People, including the young Mr Balse (who always sticks strictly to his schedule like clockwork) featured in the Times of India ran, the Kenyans won and Page3 personalities and bollywood got some footage while news channels got something to broadcast and boost their trps.

Being a night person, i was fast asleep, and like me most of my friends gave it a miss. We decided instead, to go for a walk in the evening on Marine Drive from Chowpatty to the point at NCPA. And we were not alone, the whole promenade and the beach was quite full, as a whole bunch of Mumbaikars and Firangs were there too.

I was amazed to see the transformation of that place — in spite of all the squabbles between the State govt and BMC it was amazing that they managed to get things done.

The place was literally Chakachak- The whole place was clean and roads were all spruced up and potholes tarred, no kachra or squatters or hawkers, newly paved pothole free footpath/ walking jogging track and maybe just for a day at least a very prominent corner of Mumbai looked – how do i put it ? different. Im posting some pics i clicked.

The irony was that the route we took to reach chowpatty n back remained untouched , with its potholes and squatters staring us in the face .


3 thoughts on “After the Mumbai Marathon 2007

  1. i was expecting pictures of the marathon participants sticking their tongue out and panting….
    but i liked the 1st 2 pictures. 3rd one was very blurred…
    it was as if u had captured it from a mobile phone

    the pics were from mobile phones and as sun had set the noise level had gone up considerably

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