World Markets Crash due to Recession Fears?

Looks like the world mkts are crashing due to the fears of the US recession and continuous negative data flow. There has been sustained selling in the markets worldwide for the whole of last week, and things are not changing one bit.

Chk out CNN Money IHT Bloomberg to get an idea of how red ticks are dominating the indices, everywherebe it US Europe or Asia. Looks like decoupling of Asian mkts which was touted as a big plus is dead and done with.

Back home in India, Today the mkt is going through one of its biggest ever crashes, nosediving 1200 points close to its cooling off circuits, due to panic selling and margin calls and squaring of positions and liquidation of assets.

Chk out Rediff Money

I expect the valuation in the Property mkt in India which i think are getting stretched, to now start correcting to reasonable levels, as the big reason for the sudden jump or revaluation was the Sensex boom and tech and Call center incomes.


14 thoughts on “World Markets Crash due to Recession Fears?

  1. //Haha 🙂 Wish it were that easy.//
    comeon, i think i did a decent job this time… but i do not know how much could be attributed to luck and how much to the extensive research i do

  2. exactly, real and consistent profits come from making the right picks and backing the companies with sound fundamentals.
    Technical analysis is just a profit maximizer and risk minimizer.

  3. @Ankur

    Technical Analysis is to do with understanding the “trends” in the market and predicting the troughs and the highs. That is why I told you earlier that it’s not that easy. Probably you were not clear about what is tech analysis. Take a look at the Wiki page.

  4. i am a novice in this field….
    i could never understand that if the stock goes up by 5%, one should buy it because it will go up further 10%.. however if it goes down, short sell it….

    but i always thought reading the sentiment is also an important part of technical analysis

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