Mad about the bull…

The continuous meltdown in the BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange, and the fall in the Sensex has people rattled. With margins sky high and stocks fluctuating wildly operators who are sitting on the sidelines are now pinning the blame of all this mandi (downturn) on the BSE Bull, which was recently installed in front of the Rotunda Building, when the sensex was gaining with record breaking upward momentum. Street opinion is that bull that brought bad luck and ever since it was installed, the mkts have been falling . The vaastu folks say the direction the bull faces is all wrong, and that the bull should be facing the Stock Market rather than the street or the gate which is a barrier and a symbol of  restriction.

We Indians have a penchant of aping the west, and this bull is one more episode in that fiasco.. So What went wrong with the Indian bull ? U see, it is History, timing and placement.

The Indian Bull is in a going nowhere stance – fattened by the gains it is staying snugly in the Rotunda Courtyard, its eyes saying don’t mess with me… something common with most bulls…

In direct contrast the NYSE Bull or the Charging Bull has a totally different story. The 3,200 kg (7,000 pound) bronze sculpture was installed in an act of “guerrilla art“, The NYSE Bull is lean, mean muscular and in an about to charge stance … it is sits in Bowling Green park near Wall Street in New York City.

Arturo Di Modica its creator, trucked it to Lower Manhattan and on December 15, 1989, installed it in front of the New York Stock Exchange as a Christmas gift to the people of New York.
He spent some US$ 360,000 to create, cast, and install the sculpture following the 1987 stock market crash as a symbol of the “strength and power of the American people.” The sculpture was the artist’s idea, not the city’s. The police seized the sculpture and placed it into an impound lot. The ensuing public outcry led the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation to install it two blocks south of the Exchange in the plaza at Bowling Green. It faces up Broadway.

Except the Nyse Bull other pics are mine


4 thoughts on “Mad about the bull…

  1. Mumbai bull looks more like a cow or bull with very low adrenalin. If you throw a pebble at that bull, it will probably run away, whereas the NY bull will charge at me 😛
    Even the Chinese can imitate better than we do.

  2. thanks folks for ur response
    i don’t think they intended to copy it
    they wanted to have a rep of the indian bull
    so i think they used the ice cart bull as a model

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