Chilled and Loving it

Mumbai had an extremely terrible and excessively hot summer. Worse the October heat stretched on till almost mid November. For the average Mumbaikar winter means a max 15 *c low at night.

I was pleasantly surprised by this so called cold wave that has hit Mumbai, and how – the mercury dipped to a new low of 10.8 degrees Celsius on Saturday, steadily falling from 15 to 12 to yesterdays 10.8*c, the lowest recorded in the past decade. Lets see if we can match the lowest ever temperature, 7.4 degrees Celsius, recorded on January 27, 1962. Even the mosquito population has gone down.

Call it the El Nino effect or call it the Cold wave, im chilled, thrilled and simply loving it. Looks like its time for me to shake off my laziness and search for those woolens.
Somehow the weather reminds me of that cool, astoundingly beautiful, star spangled chilly, moonlit Ladakhi night when i got lost and had to search my way back to my hotel room at Leh in pitch darkness.


9 thoughts on “Chilled and Loving it

  1. yes true , but we folks rnt prepared
    central or any kind of heating is unheard of in Mumbai

    Wollens’ sellers r making a killing these days here
    hey … thats one more stock idea!

  2. @ Prax : Ladags ma demo duk. Khiorang la Ladags pa inn? Ngya nyun nyun ladags spera hago tene Juley! Khiroang La? Mumbai la tangmo mein duk, 15ºC mompo yot met. Dering Chandigarh la 30ºC duk, maa tonmo!. Winter time khiorang la Chandigarh yong izzuk tangmo duk.

    Hi prax, came over from priyanks blog. Do you speak any Ladakhi? I thought so because of your comments on the roads of Ladakh. In case you do not all I said was that Ladakh is very beautiful, are you Ladakhi? I can speak a bit of the Ladakhi Language. Mumbai does not seem to be very cold, only 15ºC. Today Chandigarh is at 30ºC. It is very hot! Come to Chandigarh during the winter time and its very cold.

  3. odzer juley!
    sorry dont speak any , but had been to ladakh for a good 20days some time ago

    i know , mumbai is far from cold ! it is hot
    and things r gettin worse as property prices are goin skyward and free spaces are fast depleting, thanks to the biggest land mafia in India with direct connections to the people in power.
    Here, people get out their sweaters once mercury touches 15 /17 , n people have no cold resistance – its sad – how do i put it ?
    we live a hot life ! 🙂

    im seeming to love chandigarh , there are clean well made roads no filth no garbage around
    one can even think it is europe ! or something
    plus if i have braved -12 in europe ( the worst winter in the last decade) i could survive in chandigarh

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