On the Stamp paper scam

Abdul Karim Telgi faced the judge from a TV screen on Wednesday to hear the verdict in a fake stamp paper scam case. Special judge N Velu handed out a 10-year rigorous imprisonment sentence to the key convict, who is serving a 13-year sentence in Pune’s Yerwada central jail in another stamp paper case.

The sentence was read out to Telgi through video conferencing. Telgi was also slapped with a Rs 3-crore fine. If he fails to pay, another three years will be added to the 10-year jail term ….read on

Well so has justice been done ? …According to me not quite…and you ask why ?

1. Because the magnitude of the scam was huge and this was a straight case of organised counterfeiting like that done to the Rs 500 Notes , not some one off thing.

China would have strung him up or put him in front of the firing squard, while in the US “Under federal statute 18 USC section 471, if you’re found guilty of making copies “in the likeness and similitude of US currency … unless they are much larger or much smaller than US currency” (a minimum of 50 percent larger or 25 percent smaller) or unless they are “rendered in black and white,” you face up to 15 years in the slammer.”

2.The Big fish got away. Remember the Narco tests…  (Nothing new, politicians are saints and angels in India, they are above prosecution)

Last solace is that a scumbags like him is at least in for the rest of his life (Telgi has Aids). I just hope he redeems himself by writing a book on the whole truth and on exactly who got away.


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