Kanheri revisited

Kanheri caves are among the well known, but most forgotten caves in Mumbai.

I had gone there on 15th aug last yr with a group of friends, as detailed in this post, somehow i totally forgot to post the pics of that trek

As Nita gave me a brilliant idea of making slide show presentations, here goes nothing …

Lastly have u folks tried the slim and wonderful Photo viewer Irfanview and edit software PAint Net,  they r great


5 thoughts on “Kanheri revisited

  1. Nice pics Prax. Did you use the Auto mode? Which camera are you using?

    Yes I use Irfan view pretty regularly, but never tried Paint Net. What’s that for?

  2. The pictures are beautiful Prax. I love seeing green, it’s such a relief to the eyes!
    Olympus is a good brand, but ofcourse the photographer matters! 🙂
    I haven’t tried the software you mention, but will check it out. I use photoshop cs 2 and zoom browser.
    Thanks for the link!

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