Feb 13, A few good posts

Here are a few good posts i read in random order in the last few days.

1. The Rambodoc’s post on Organ transplants

2. Talveen singh on the add blitz of the NREGS and other goof ups, somethin i thought of blogging about- something i thought can be a one more reason for the UPAs undoing.

3. Pragmatic on Defence ties and Brahmos

4. S P Tulsian on the hit Brand Reliance and Ambani took after the drubbing RPL got at the markets. – some hard truths i have been blogging about

5. The Messeha of middle class housing Mr Deepak Parekh of HDFC on lack of low cost housing.

6. S Kulkarni on the fantastic life of stalwart editor of Blitz, Russi Karanjia.

7. Nita on Des – Pardees – Diff between east and west

8. lastly from early morning 2 news articles which show what happens when u treat terrorists with kid gloves 1. the bonhomie on Kashmir Day in POK and 2. the ulfa hijacking plot foiled.

9. Priyank on the passing of the great mahatma Baba Amte.

click on links of whatever interests u… hope it was worth the effort


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