Feb 18, A few good posts

1. K Subrahmanyam on the repercussions of the Launch of Israeli Tecsar by ISRO India.

2. Cowasjee on the volatile state our friendly neighbour finds itself in, as it heads for elections.

3. Andy M on the the American slowdown and its effects on Asia, and dual standards of the IMF, as described by SSA Aiyar.

4. Supriya Varma of ET telling us to invest in the Emmar MGF ipo, which was recommended as an avoid by most market men, and laymen like me. This is something that makes me loose faith on the reporting standards of the BCCL and ET after multiple exposes on their private treaties.

5. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala on investing in the markets.

6. ADAG group attempting to get back some lost trust and shoring up their group marketcap by mulling plans of a bonus on RPL shares for the non promoters within 15 days of its listing. Another first from the Reliance ADAG stable, which has a lot of ipos in the pipeline.

Lastly Lord Desai on the Entitlement Politics in India and other news about special entitlements and power politics.


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