Will the consumers accept Blu-ray?

Finally its official , Blue-ray will be the technology of the future in terms of selling home movies in hi def format. After most big producers backed Sony’s Blu-ray including biggies like Warner brothers , the folks at Toshiba threw in the towel and accepted defeat. They have now decided to stop producing and marketing HD-Dvd players.

Though we in India are way behind and the first Blu-ray and Hd players have just come in and are exorbitantly expensive, but things r picking up with people very slowly moving towards 32 inch lcd tvs in cities – most not even knowing that hd content is yet to hit Indian tv screens or the finer details like 720p and 1080p standards.

To get back the question now is will people accept the Blue-ray format ?

This will depend on multiple factors such as Pricing, Distribution and Profit margins and lessons learnt from history – like the Betamax and Vhs wars and the kind of DRM restrictions built into the players and disks, like regional locking copy restrictions and the works.

The popularity also depends upon future technological advances that might render it obsolete. The medium might face competition from the net based distribution mediums in the future, like those by Netflix, Apple and Ms. But this depends upon speed of network as movies in blueray will be huge in size say 30 / 40 gb, for which networks will have to definitely be upgraded.

Plus dealing with the price sensitive Pc component market is another thing altogether and pricing especially in India and developing countries will be a major factor. If things aren’t that conducive people / techies will shift to using more easy to deal with codecs, even if it means loss of quality and a bit of detail.


6 thoughts on “Will the consumers accept Blu-ray?

  1. so ur doin company promotion?

    yes tech updates so fast that solutions come up instantly – i was thinking of what next with the hddvd format – will toshiba consortium junk it or will some of them continue manuf. disks and it will be a replacement to dvd drives ?
    all in all it is still a viable data storage medium at half the cost of sony blu-ray

  2. my company does not retail its chips and it has no plans to sell in india (it does not even have a sales office here)

    but ya data format changes.. and changes very fast neways whatever is cost effective and is widely accepted should be the one which one should use

    i know dude, i was takin a dig at u , well i think in india it will have a great dd 1/2 yrs hence
    broadcom makes some pretty awesome chips sometimes and was a mkt darling in the tech heyday

  3. yups i agree and in over past 2 years I have seen the stock fall from 50 to 19 😦
    but I guess the good work and competitive peer group which I was exposed to more than compensates for this monetary which i had to bear.

  4. Xbox is dumping the HD players. Sony playstations will regain sells big time! Blue-ray the way to go was predicted months before and now here to stay. The price of Blue-rays dics are more expensive than the HD competitor. Rumor has it that the BR format is more durable than HD.

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