Hard disk support for Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi in India

Have a hard disk that doesn’t work? That acts funny, that never starts and continuously clicks? Most likely it has crashed. If it has not completely failed try running testing software to detect errors.

Seagate Tools

Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

SAMSUNG diagnostic

If u want to check warranty without opening your box (pc) Download Seatools and burn it on a cd. Boot with the cd and it will show you the serial no and part no for warranty check

If u have some tech inclination disconnect the power cable and the ide/sata cable and slowly unscrew the drive from the bay and note down the serial no and the model number written on the sticker.

Go online or call the support number and chk warranty by stating the model and serial no. they will guide u with the rest.

Seagate Hard Disks

Seagate Help Website

Seagate Support Telephone no :   18004254535 (always busy)

Service partner : ACCEL Frontline:

Sgt Toll Free No: 000 800 440 1392 Tardeo centre phone no 40059782 / 83

All India Addresses of Accel Frontline

Please register yourself at the accel site and then visit service centers no use just calling as lines are busy. Timing is normally 9.30 to 5.30.

WARRANTY LIFE generally 3yrs to 5YEARS

Check ur WARRANTY here …………..  FAQs

Seagate Warranty Support Contacts-Asia Pacific

Seagate Warranty Support Contacts-Europe, Middle East and Africa

How good is Seagate Seacare Service

SEAGATE warranty works even if it is delayed, At least they have a bunch of Accel offices where you can goto unlike others you should get a replacement in 2 / 3 weeks max.

Western Digital Hard Disks

Service phone nos : 1-800-11-93-93 or 011-26384700.


WD Support Website

Numbers are always busy and they dont respond to emails well

Try emailing their Asia pacific email address or us email address.

Authorised Outsourcing Agent

Rt Outsourcing Services Limited ,Western Digital Service Division B-81 Okhla Industrial Area Phase-2
New Delhi 110020 Phone: +91 11 26383407, 26383407,  26383407

How good is WD Service

It is so pathetic that it cannot be expressed in words, if this were America, class action suits would shut this company down. A friend managed to exchange his disk 4 months after he first tried to get service.

Samsung Hard Disks

Samsung Support Website

Samsung Warranty Check

Hitachi Hard Disk

Hitachi Warranty Support Website

Call 1800.220.091 for support Email: customerservice@hitachi.co.in

Hitachi Service is horrible – it took more than a month to get a friends disk exchanged via the dealer

If you have any inputs and want to help me keep this page updated please comment.


98 thoughts on “Hard disk support for Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi in India

  1. I had worst exprience regarding WD HDD replacement .their toll free number doesnot
    working. I had send it 13.09.2008 Useing AIGati
    Nor they contact me.or send replace hard disk
    Till now .Today is 23.10.2008

  2. hey…thanks for those numbers…might just help me sort out my girlfriend’s WD HDD problem. I had no idea where to get those numbers.

  3. if this is works thanks dude 4 sharing such information like this i have wd hdd which my bro purchases from usa but now my hdd dont work at all they dont give international warranty
    if they cannot support me please provide me where do i get reapair my hdd??

  4. u will have to call wd chintan and give them the serial no on ur hdd to chk if the warrenty is valid in india

    second u can try getting it repaired at lamington road mumbai at a few repairers

  5. We have a requirement of

    Western Digital Share Space (8TB & 4TB)

    Seagate Black Armor NAS 440 Network Storage Server (8TB & 4TB)

    Kindly provide your offer for the same.


    Anand S.Deshmukh

    Dy.Manager (Procurement & Contracts)

    Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd.

    91-22-2778 3800 Extn. 377


    1. Dear Sir.

      i want to replace my hardisk please send me the address of sirvice center and also valid contact no. of service cente in Jaipur as much as it is possible .


  6. i want to know how can i change my hard disk(west.dg.)bcoz my hd. allready in not working & not detact in pc.

  7. i want to replace my hardisk please send me the address of sirvice center and also valid contact no. of service cente in nehruplace new dlehi as much as it is possible .

  8. Dear Sir.
    My harddisk of Western Digital has gone bad please advice me where i can submit for service in Bangalore (India)
    AS Kulkarni

  9. The support numbers for Seagate have either been changed or are no longer in use.

    Kindly update the same, since that would be very helpful. Seagate does not even update the correct numbers on their own site…. pathetic..

  10. my seagate hard disk is gone bad.please tell me where can i find service center in chandigarh.i bought it just 10 days before in pune .i m presently in pune but unforutnately i have to leave after 8 days but ur service center takes 11 days to repair.i m really in trouble because i m going hometown (village)after 8 days and reaching chandigarh after a month.

  11. I would like to post this info here for others:
    Seagte support number is:
    1800 440 1392
    However when I tried calling this number, i got a “number does not exist” message. So I had to try it as :
    000 800 440 1392
    This number take you to the Singaporean call center which is SOMEWHAT helpful.
    I live in Mumbai & the numbers they give you for Mumbai are 40993098/99 – these numbers are supposedly for “Accel Frontline” at Sakinaka, but it is NEVER ANSWERED.
    You are better of trying the following mobile numbers: 0996718035 & 0 9821884278
    I would also say that Seagate support is not upto the mark- atleast in India & would like to warn people to stay away from them if they are considering buying a product.

  12. Some mobile networks dont really allow dialling a 1800 no.
    Accel is ok at service and has a centre at
    Tardeo a/c market

    All computer parts support in India is horrid
    We dont have stringent laws like in us to protect consumers that too when we pay far more tax than americans …leading to such results..

  13. i m reseller. already i am registerd to wd suport service center. but i forgot my site detail. i hv some hard disik how ishod take warranty

  14. my seagte harddrive is not detected in bios.is it crashd and noyrepairable??i wnt to recover the data frm it.how can i recover it

  15. Respected Company,
    My name is Akilesh Sharma From Mumbai.
    I am the customer of seagate hdd bcz i had purchase Seagate Hdd .
    Bcz of some reasone my hdd is not working.
    The details are as follows.
    Model No: ST380215A
    PART NO: 9CY011-304
    Sr. NO: 5QZ0EBWK
    PROBLEM : Shorted or Failed MIMSH
    i was go to service center but they are rejected of some reasone. my hdd is still in under warranty, in good condition and do not having any Physical Damage.
    so its my humble request to you give me approval letter to replacement .
    and reply me as soon as possible
    my mob no : 9821143451

  16. Hi i have a problem in my hdd could u please send me its service centers addresses in mumbai?
    Please reply me its my humble request.

  17. I want to know how can i change my hard disk(west.dg.)bcoz my hd. allready in not working & not detact in pc.

  18. any body can help me to send email address or postal address of seagae’s service center in mumbai, As i m fedup after purchasing 320 GB external hard disk. My cell No. is 9823845242

  19. HI,
    I Am not happy with the type of service that is provided by WD. MY wd is not detected by computer(i baught it in may 2010)..when i called at TOLL no. it shows always busy if hardly it connects then after a while it goes on hold.. really embrassing..help me out

  20. Hi,
    I’ve a Seagate Free Agent Go 500GB external hard drive, it was working fine untill day before yesterday when suddently an error came up and since then i cannot access it. Drive gets detected but shows 0 bytes used 0 bytes free space. In device manager it shows but can’t access the drive. Tried SeaTool Short Generic test failed, but Seagate System recovery tools shows all my files are recoverable but its paid service. I want my data and drive both.
    The main problem is I bought the drive from US Buffalo from a Wall Mart store and i’m an Indian resident. How can i claim the warranty except sending it back to US. please help.

  21. I have 160GB IDE HARDDISK of WESTERN DIGITAL..Recently i was having trouble with it..i was calling them for past 4 days..and today i spent 45 minutes online listening 2 pre-recorded female voice..but late in the eve around 5.30pm i managed to speak with SHOHAIB…This gentleman did the need full..NOW fingers crossed lets c..when do i get back my NEW hard DISK .

  22. Hi i have a problem in my hdd, ram .could u please send me its service centers addresses and phone No in coimbatore?

  23. Hi,
    My name is bhavik.
    I have purchased a HD of your company and its been corrupted.
    I need the company address of mumbai.
    Awaiting your reply ASAP.

  24. Hi i have a problem in my hdd could u please send me its service centers addresses in vadodara(Gujarat)?
    Please reply me its my humble request.

  25. Huh!!! all well said.. I fully agree. Western Digital is just F***in bullshit. Please do not buy their product. I bought a WD elements 1.5 TB in Netherlands. I am really satisfied user for about 1.5 yrs. No performance glitches no pains. But, when I back in India this year, a power surge / low voltage at my home causing the drive to be not functional at all.

    My life has become miserable and dark now. Tried searching almost 6 hours for a service center / any contact. Because calling Western Digital F***in call center is just a waste of time.

    Now, the saga starts. What should I do now!! Trying to find out if this is problem with the Disk or with the case or with the adapter.

    First, I started with adapter. I went out a fine evening in search of 12V 1.5 A specification adapter. But the shop owner has given me a 12V 1.0A adapter which didn’t work.
    Then, later I searched in the ebay with keyword 12V 1.5A and realized that most of our set to boxes use 12V 1.5A adapters. I jumped and switched off the TV and Tata sky and plugged the adapter to my WD elements. The light was continuously blinking and no drive appears. But the harddive inside the casing seems to be running.
    I started to feel positive and life appeared to be coming back to normal…

    Now, decided not waste my time. I tore apart the external casing got the 1.5 internal harddisk and plugged into the sata ports in my desktop pc. kudos.. there is my data without any problem.

    I could not stop giving away a nice party to my friends in this event of getting my 1.3 Tera Bytes of data back and also India is winning the world cup 2011 today…

    Hope this post will bring some light for some people who don’t waste time and money.

    Thanks again for all for your inputs.. And please please take a backup and keep your data replicated at all times. Never delay in taking the backups!!! 🙂

    Never late than ever, I just bought a Seagate 2TB Free agent at 6K after looking at the comparisons in the internet. Alas I knew that Seagate has good service centers around India. I have also decided to not to buy products which have no international warranty or even they do have.

  26. I’ve a 500GB Western Digital HDD which has become defective. I need to contact the Service center for repair/replacement. I’ve tried phoning 011-26384700 & 1800119393 but no one responds from any of their phones. If I’m required to take the HDD to the Service center then kindly give me their correct phonenumber & location.& oblige.
    Kindly email me the answer or you may call me on my cell phone 9968258268.
    I’m 82 years old & have no intention of going around Delhi hunting for the service center.
    Hoping for your consideration & early reply
    Gurdev Singh

    1. The wd idiots have no service centre , they dont declare one even if they do
      they send a courier to pick up
      email both us and asia support … that helped for me

      1. can u temme those e-mails those idiots want to register with them n all can u plz temme the us and asia mail addreses

  27. my seagate hard disk is gone bad.please tell me where can i find service center in Ludhiana.i bought it just 10 days before in ludhiana .i m presently in Ludhiana but unforutnately i have to leave after 8 days but ur service center takes 11 days to repair.i m really in trouble because i m going hometown

  28. girish :
    hello sir i have a WD hard dish which is not detect only , than pleases send your no or E-mail add fast

    girish :
    hello sir i have a WD hard dish which is not detect only , than pleases send your no or E-mail add fast

  29. hi,
    Good morning sir,
    I have a 320GB hard disk of WD. This HDD have bad sector & very slow & hang. I want to replace it. please tell me the number or place of WD service center in Ludhiana (Punjab) INDIA.


  30. i need seagate service center number . i m unable to connect with them.
    so if u have contact number of seagate help line number pls tel me
    my contact number in 9876525349

  31. I have bought a LOT of the 2TB WD Caviar drives. I have had excellent results with them on my iMac. I use them primarily for data storage where fast data retrieval is not a consideration. I’m more concerned with plugging them into these USB-based drive docks when I need the data. However, I’m also interested in them from an electrical perspective, just because … well,…

  32. Hello friends…
    is there anybody interested in buying “Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB” for Rs.15500, you can transfer data through wifi on this hard disk. Data can be shared with multiple PCs also and you can protect data with passwords also and if internet is always on then you can download this data over the internet on some other PC also. If anybody interested then please email me on “sumeet2342@gmail.com” i am in gurgaon so if want to buy it out of city then you will have to bear courier charges.

  33. i want to exchange my HITACHI 320 GB hard drive… my RMA no. is 36618677. and i have a long period more than one month to waiting my hard drive… help me guys what i have to do.

  34. Please help me how to order following Hardik controller card, my data is totally loses

    S/N : 9VM587WQ, ST 3320418AS, P/N : 9SL14C-622, Firmware : HP34, Date Code : 10131, Site Code : TK, PRODUCT OF THAILAND

  35. plsssss don’t buy hdd of wd it not easily to repair/replacement if u have lot of time waste for replce of hdd go consumer form.

  36. my 1TB Hitatchi Hard drive has suddently stopped recognising by the PC, Anybody can explain why?

    1. Could be two things , if it is external, the circuit in the external hdd is bad , or the hard disk is bad … chk bios for detection , if bios detects then the hdd has a soft crash

  37. wow…”AVOID BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS” (WD). WD is worthless..in product and services. Your blog is really useful…keep it up Dude.

  38. Hai,
    I bought a WD 1TB 1 years back, due to HDD fault or I don’t know…the hard disk stopped working, I mean, bios didn’t detect it, but it spun during power connection but it wasn’t detected by windows. I just filed a RMA to WD india. 15 days later, I received a phone call from representative of WD, they came to my home and took my hard disk…
    Later after 10 days, I got a brand new hard disk of 2TB, 64MB cache with warranty.
    Well, lucky me….btw, I stay in delhi…..I had a good experience with WD services.
    Hope, I don’t make this HDD burn again……

    1. hey, i’m having the same problem with my 1TB WD HDD , i bought it around 1 year back from U.S. best buy stores , please tell me where did you files the report, is their any email or u called, please tell me…. it need to be repaired ASAP , thanks

  39. hi friends i have facing problem. pls resolve this problem. i have submitted the hard disk. in june month the wd company not given me any responce till date..
    rma no-83760163

  40. Sir please give the information i want open the service centere like warranty period hard disk like seagate, wd,hitachi like just give the what type of rules and regulation

  41. i am having a 250 GB WD HDD.. having problems in detection.. I M SEEKING WD SERVICE CENTER IN PATNA FOR DATA RECOVERY… help please
    MY MOB-0-9973732061

  42. I live in chennai my hitachi 500 gb harddisk is repaired and i gave it to service centre 50 days ago.still didnot get any positive things from them.the customer service is horrible .next time i will buy seagate for sure

  43. Hi,my hard drive formatted very slow.when it complete, my pc running very slow and then i restart my pc ,it can’t start. Many times it happend. Please help me !

  44. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she keeps
    the image of a user in his/her mind that how a user
    can understand it. Thus that’s why this article is great. Thanks!

  45. My sea gate 500GB backup plus external hard disk is not getting detected. only power led id blinking. please give solution for repair and for recovery of data.
    MY MOB-0-9028142860
    Mail id- nirmalkothari77@gmail.com
    PLACE – Pune (M.H.)

  46. i want to replace my hitachi hardisk please send me the address of sirvice center and also valid contact no. of service cente in south delhi as much as it is possible .

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