How Fresh is Reliance Fresh?

Chkd out Reliance Fresh today, and first opinion indicates that the Ambanis got their entry into the retail marketing right.

Prices of fruits are very reasonable … and to be precise they are 5% below market while vegetables and grains are at par or 5% above / below mkt prices or kirana store prices depending upon each item. The best part is that there is no minimum quantity limit as everything is sold on weight – i bought a piece of ginger costing me Rs 1.19.

In terms of cost/quality comparison it is a lot better than both Food bazaar and Subhiksha. Stocking is good and done at a correct temperature. Overall I am positive on this supestore, even though most of the specials were sold out and were missing from the rack . All in all its a great place to shop, and the best part is they are eco friendly and try to avoid plastic as you can optionally carry your own cloth bag.

The range of other food items like biscuits etc is lacking and food bazaar beats fresh both in sheer size, product range and deals .

My Ratings out of *****(5 stars max)

Ambiance ****3.5 Stocking ***3

VEGETABLES ****2.5 Fruits ****3 Dairy products branded****4

Biscuits and junk food ****3

Foodgrains ***2.5 Utensils etc **2 Other items **2

* I have updated my ratings as the promotion prices were discounted and are now jacked up a bit.


13 thoughts on “How Fresh is Reliance Fresh?

  1. not having that much size is also advantageous
    u can have more branches and localise better
    i think it is a well thought out plan

    as i see it rfresh is a combo of subhikshas size and fbs convenience – and it takes half the time to enter and exit

    ur reaction was snappy and very fast

  2. That’s a high rating Prax! I have not been to RF as there is none near my house. I go to D-Mart and Shoprite, both of which are excellent and have all the above good points plus you can buy other stuff there too. But I have heard good things about RF from a friend.

  3. yes nita , rf is truely quite good and most prices are at a disc to mkt ,
    d mart is also great – i have chkd out the malad branch – better to an extent than rf, no wonder as it was started by an old stock mkt hand.

  4. every promoter has his/her style… surprisingly reliance fresh in spite of having huge funds and media attention does not look like a typical reliance operation….

    but i agree their fruits are affordable and really fresh

    keeping it small avoids all the media attention remember up and bihar had mini riots by small vendors

  5. thanks nova
    welcome to my blog
    this was my first experience and dont know if they can maintain the standards
    do chk out the one near u and share ur experience

  6. The ‘Go Green’ initiative isn’t across all stores it seems. Here in Pune, in my locality, Reliance Fresh plastic bags are littering every street corner and garbage dumping center…

    Everything else about the store is great, as you’ve so well described!

    chk out if they allow u to carry stuff out in ur own bag …
    ur back to blogging with a bang 🙂

  7. Hello,
    This may not be the site but let us try to reduce the population of India in some way. We need to also go green as much as possible to conserve what is there in India.

    true nayan,
    one must start with himself/herself and reduce the family to max 2 children

  8. Reliance fresh cannot get any “FRESHER”.
    I bought bread from Reliance fresh on ISRO road on the 2nd of JULY .The stamp on the bread said Packed on 3rd of July!!Now that is FRESH for you!!

    era , welcome – remember it could very well be the best before or use by date

  9. hello sir
    have you a nice and good day.
    I want to know, if, am attend to your shoppee,
    you are permit me to utilise the ITZ CASH CARD
    kindly respond to me please.

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