Indian Hockey Team Out of Olympics !

The Indian Hockey team is out of olympics, a first in 80 years of its glorious history!

The Indian hockey team lost to Great Britain 2-0 in the final of the World Hockey qualifier at the Prince of Wales Country Club, in Chile. Shocking , if one notes that Hockey not Cricket is our National Sport. History tells us that the India hockey team has won 8 gold medals and they were so dominantl, that they won three straight gold medals in Olympics – Amsterdam in 1928, Los Angles in 1932 and Berlin in 1936 with legends like Major Dhyan Chand.

This thanks to shifting from grass to astroturf, and WHF rules being made more euro friendly, the team, since the last 3 decade has never even come close to attaining past glory, as the sport has been dominated by the likes of Netherlands and Germany.

Well who is to blame?

Is the change from hockey to cricket as the peoples favorite sport to blame? Look at Pakistan it is facing the same situation but things have never been this bad.

There is something wrong in the system and the 2 bodies that control the sport in India that have to finally take most of the flak.

1. The IHF and bigwigs the Ex Supercop and  autocrat KPS Gill and his second mate (IHF Secretary) K Jothikumaran and (Uttar Pradesh association official) J N Tyagi.

2. The Sports Ministry or Khel Mantralaya and its incompetent minister M S Aiyar,

Read  the mutiny blog for some great analysis.

The coach has Joaquim Carvalho like his predecessors has quit.

Indian Hockey Federation’s Vice-President Narendra Batra, accepting responsibility for the loss said “Mr K P S Gill is hardly in Delhi, he is in Mathura most of the time. The team is actually being selected by Mr Suresh Sharma, who is the security officer for Mr K P S Gill.” Batra was unsure if any attempt would be made to overhaul the sport’s administration.“Is anyone really concerned?” he asked. “The sports ministry has already demoted hockey as a priority sport although it remains our national sport. Gill and the others will lie low for a few days and the debacle will be forgotten soon. We will be back to square one.” read


One thought on “Indian Hockey Team Out of Olympics !

  1. Hockey has changed, all the gold medals we won on grass, and today hockey is played on Astroturf. Since the introduction of AT, we haven’t even managed to reach the semi-finals of an international hockey tournament. Indian hockey has been going down hill for a long time now, But i guess this Olympic loss can act as a tipping point in Indian hockey & result in sweeping changes in the way we played our hockey and administrated it…..

    fully agree sachin ,but dont know if things will change – i did mention AstroTurfs – read my cricket overdose post

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