On Sex

According to the research, led by Dr Eric Corty, from the Behrend College in Erie, Pennsylvania, three-minute sex is ‘adequate’.The study is the first to review what the experts believe is the ideal length of time to have penetrative sex, with the random sample of Americans and Canadians labeling seven to 13 minutes most ‘desirable’. read on.

Shocked ? This research breaks normal stereotypes about sex based on adult gossip, penthouse mags and fantasy model of male sexuality harbored by both men and women, that bigger is better, about men with 9 inches, rock-hard erections, who can sustain sexual activity all night long.

This should be welcome news and bring some sanity to the whole sexuality discussions and give some relief to normal males, and put a cap on the spurious market of exotic medicines that promise to help grow penises, as advertised in most spam.


9 thoughts on “On Sex

  1. What some people consider sex, is completely different for everyone. Sex having a time limit is weird in some ways, but who other then porn stars can really have sex for an hour??? Really its just a dream to some people. Any way what happen to sex for reproduction, sex has become an American past time rather than just assuring a species survival. What I’m saying is it’s basically just for recreation. Go to your significant others house and say “I’m bored, lets fuck.” is all it takes…

  2. I suppose the question is “adequate for what, exactly?” Certainly for many men three minutes is more than enough time to achieve ejaculation, so certainly that’s adequate for reproductive purposes.

    For emotional intimacy purposes, though, I wouldn’t say it’s adequate, and I doubt it’s adequate from a pleasure standpoint for many women.

  3. thanks all for u comments

    totaltransformation: well 7 to 13 is what is desirable three is the bear minimum

    davidrochester – im no expert but i definitely agree
    but if u take a womans perspective the act is not the most important part of sexual gratification
    women are far to complex a bunch of creatures to understand easily! 😉

  4. “well 7 to 13 is what is desirable three is the bear minimum”

    I have to be honest, that seems to be adequate only as a warm-up time. Before reading this I would have though 15-30 minutes to be a more appropriate time frame for quality sex (at least the penetration part).

    Moreover, I would think that between foreplay, non-penetration intercourse, and penetration intercourse the whole thing should take about 45 minutes to an hour (or more). BTW when I say foreplay I am not including the dinner and movie before- just the kissing and such. 😉

  5. Wow nice post. Well definitely help in breaking stereotypes. And of course, men would love just 3 mins of the bare minimum. Who wrote that article? Let me guess! Must be a man!

  6. yes it is interesting , especially here in India there are so many misconceptions , even though they call us the land of the ks

    i think it was based on a major survey by Canadian and American sex therapists, but things aren’t clearly defined anyways , and i dont think the warm up time – or foreplay time is accounted for..
    and i have no clue on who wrote it..

  7. I’d read this news piece and thought it was one of a kind – all the other studies seem to emphasize on either the longevity or the frequency of sex between different nationalities.

    This research seemed to bring some sanity to the whole issue. I agree with David and would like to think that this research doesn’t include foreplay and intimacy time…

    u must know better im still not married – i found this very interesting

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