Mumbai Taxi and Rickshaw Fairlist 2008

I found this somewhere on the web just re uploading it , as it could come in handy.

It is a taxi and rick fairlist of Mumbai, which is mighty useful cause there is news about fake fair lists, used by drivers , that after the tampered meters and the likes.

Though this is a standard fair chart issued by the RTO, as Per Rashi and group the original source of this is, but i have to still get it verified.


5 thoughts on “Mumbai Taxi and Rickshaw Fairlist 2008

  1. The Auto taxi fare in mumbai you have is originally from, you just removed there website name from top, thats bad, i and my group are using the same and going to informing about this to them if in couple of days didn’t get the credits given to site, other wise good info you have on site – Rashi

  2. Rashi and Group
    First your email address is not working
    second i dont remember the source of this picture
    Anyways mumbai77 is a great site!

    The actual source is the RTO and not mumbai77
    maybe they have scanned, tagged and uploaded it but i cannot confirm it, as you have not sent me a link of that pic thus i have qualified in this post.

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