Movie Quirks

Now that Nita has tagged me, I might as well give it a try.

Im a tv addict and am consciously try to cut back on tv / movie viewing. I like good movies , most of which we can’t get to see either in theaters or on tv/cable/dish. I rarely go out to the theaters to see movies alone and whenever i do it is with good friends.

Alternatively we get together at someones house and have a ball watching 2 or 3 movies in continuity , still remember seeing the exorcist trilogy dvd with friends and having a rollicking good time.

My movie quirks..

1. I dislike going to multiplexes in Mumbai cause their screens are tiny boxes and somehow the atmosphere to me seems claustrophobic and very loud. Id prefer sterling or even a Maratha mandir with a bad seat and a rowdy crowds any day to say an Apsara or Roxy.

2. I don’t like tiny seats and the battle for that 2.5 inch armrest and prefer sitting in the corner not too close to the screen as it is injurious to my neck and back.I hate sitting too close to the ac vent as some theaters really chill their audience.My best seat is the one somewhere in the middle as close to the middle aisle as possible, as it helps with easy mobility towards the exit.

3. I hate people talking on the phone, cellphone ringing, people walking very slowly in front of the screen during the movie. I dislike people who do the dubbing in hindi/other languages to help their partner/friend this is very very irritating.

4. I also dislike people who talk or comment in the middle of a movie. Me too especially if it is an interesting or suspense movie , though i must admit i indulge in a bit of guesstimation in case of a pakau hindi movie or a very stupid movie.

5. I dislike being late, love the upcoming movie previews and i agree with Nita about adds, especially the nostalgic dd and the fun adds. I dislike the shenanigan of playing the national anthem at warp speed just to follow regulations.

6. I hate the overpriced junk food and pesticide cokes of most theaters, popcorn is an however an exception.

7. I don’t like walking out of a movie if its good, or when it is about to finish , or during closing credits – i hate the jostling and pushing to the exit. I sit there as long as possible and am among the last people to exit..

8. Lastly, I hate people who keep kicking on my seat from behind or people making lewd catcalls

As most bloggers i know have already been tagged id give the whole tagging thing a pass but would welcome others, who would like to take up these meme. Priyank , Bachodi r u listening?

ps Nita whats with women and crushes??

9 thoughts on “Movie Quirks

  1. It looks like a lot of people don’t like others talking etc during the movie, but how come we always get someone who does!! I guess they aren’t on the internet, those who talk during movies!
    And hey Prax, don’t tell me you don’t have a crush on any female star!!

  2. xylene , welcome and
    yes – we think alike
    i did take some pointers from u πŸ™‚

    nita , i never had crushes , have favorites in female stars and still do..
    on talkg i sure do talk, i love to estimate the next dialogue or twist sometimes but that is in stupid lame hindi movies which my gang drags me to watch occasionally.

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