I am a Legend Review

I am a Legend is a movie adapted from a sci-fi novel by Richard Matheson. It stars Will Smith and Alice Braga of the Cidade de deus and Lower city fame, and is directed by Francis Lawrence.

The Story is about a survivor of a an apocalypse caused by a mutation of a genetically engineered virus meant to destroy cancer, that ends up destroying humanity and converts most humans into Zombie Vampires. Read the Wiki for more details.

The movie is stunning in its visual appeal, action sequences and technical aspect, but fails to impress me due to lack of continuity and a formula storyline. It distinctly reminds me of the movie Children of Men which has a better storyline and is overall a much better watch. The portrayal of Robert Neville by Smith is fairly convincing and Alice Braga has a tiny role, that doesn’t do her much justice. The movie supposedly has an alternate ending but it is on and off You Tube due to copyright infringement.

All in all this is a good action flick to see, preferably in a Cinema hall or big screen, with a group of friends.

My Ratings 2.5*** out of 5*****.


6 thoughts on “I am a Legend Review

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  2. I am waiting for a DVD of this movie.. been getting lot of good comments about this one πŸ™‚

    hey dinsan , welcome to my blog
    the movie is not that great, i felt a bit let down.

  3. Yup the movie was a big BORE!!!!!.The visual effects were stunning and also will smith acted well…but there was no grip in the movie at all.The first 10 minutes were good then the rest 45-50 minutes were boring

  4. Weren’t Resident Evil and the 28 days/weeks later series much better? I haven’t seen this one but that’s what I have heard. Besides that, I can’t understand the point of making movies on the same theme again n again… 😐

    true , but sometimes formula works take batman for example

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