On the falling Water table and Vandana

Water table in many parts of India is falling and many provinces and cities face acute water shortage in Summer. As a direct consequence many children are falling into abandoned bore wells, this one might be the 5th or 6th such incident publicized in the media, god knows how many other such incidents happen, without people knowing about them.

View: The Times Now coverage

Let the Nation work more on Ground Water recharging and water conservation….and this sort of routine mess will also be sorted out.

As it is it is impossible to expect district administrations to take precaution or responsibility for such incidents, when development work carried out even by the Central Govt hardly reaches the intended people.


3 thoughts on “On the falling Water table and Vandana

  1. I had to read your post twice but still couldn’t understand what was the story here. Then I saw the news broadcast, and was petrified. Partly so because when I was younger, I too fell in a ditch, not as deep as this though, and I still get nightmares.

    Digging bore wells is not a problem in this story. Abandoning them is. I quickly googled about borewell regulations in India and was not surprised to find nothing.

  2. therefore logically speaking, if u sort out the water table depletion u sort out this mess , as people neednt go deeper and deeper to find water
    this is desi way of working – unfortunate but true

  3. I disagree.

    Solving water table problem in isolation is urgent for sure, but solving that problem just because it will avoid open/abandoned wells – seems illogical πŸ™‚ Plus, how much can we improve the water table? One feet below surface? There is ALWAYS going to be a bore well – 5 ft, 20 ft or 40 ft.

    It’s not just the bore wells, it could be mining, reserviors, road digging, lumbering – anything that leaves the earth deformed is a problem. A kid could fall in the well, or a whole region could miss rainfall because a forest was cut down.

    The solution is to ensure the completeness of a project, and not stopping the drilling. I hope
    I made some sense πŸ™‚

    U made a lot of sense, no doubt – add to that ur latent fear from past memories but if the water table increases most bore wells wont be empty and a working bore well is always maintained not abandoned and if it is generally a shallow well the infant is most likely rescued immediately it is the 60 ft plus tiny bore wells that have hogged the headlines plus i think solving the water table crises is very urgent an issue people have gone to the streets in karnataka and tn on cauvery

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