On Indian Govt policy and the Aam Admi

My last post was on the quota conondrum. Looks like all that i predicted is happening, the govt will meet with its UPA allies, and try and find a loophole around the creamy layer restriction laid down by the Supreme court.

This system keeps all the people in chain of command happy, the party s that have got their caste/ community people in the list giving them something to tom tom about in the next elections, but overall this is short term divisive and promotes hatred among people.

Make sure that there is a perennial shortage of good seats and colleges. Instead of improving basic education make populist announcements. Plus getting permission for pvt colleges on land purchased from the govt at a pittance is easy, lucrative and also profitable to politicians many of who control colleges and universities for specialized education like medicine and engineering. You see, the AICTE is always there to ban pvt colleges in India and make sure that seat nos remain the same.

Atanu Dey the economist extraordinaire has a very convincing logical explaination on the economics of it all in his post Reservations in the Indian educational system Part 1 and Part 2.

Nita has a very interesting take on basic education. read Unequal education, Root cause of child labor isn’t poverty

The whole attitude of this govt reminds me of the prohibition / socialist era. Don’t solve the problems just find quick fixes and make populist announcements, never mind the repercussions. Make / use draconian laws to control, and have central control on all decisions, however mundane they might be. I was reading a post on rediff namely :

No magic wand to curb prices: Govt.

Even though the article rattled out stuff like a govt mouthpiece, what interested me were the comments and more so this one:

INDIA Shining
on Apr 11, 2008 05:45 PM

Last General election BJP comeup with india shining slogan am not supporting bjp but still at that time it was far far better than current status,that time these UPA come with Aam Aadmi,after 3yrs no AAM(mango)no Admi also.
but still indian fools will vote for Cong people cant realise coz they dont have sense…just for one 14″tv or Rs2/-rice they vote after6 months not rice no tv again will beg…people should be litterate and should know to judge the right people and should know to elect till that time everybody will be in this trouble…better atleast this educated generation try to keep the population under control atleast some people will be there…now we cant do anything we have to pray for good…coz kapil told they cant do anything without magic stick which he dont have and entire UPA dont have so we will pray god for good result…

..what the UPA is trying to project is not that there has been development…….they will thrive on how they got the reservations done….this is the prime motive of the UPA…….and on top of that if there are ching-chong communists dictating national policies n decisions, there can be no good….!!

govt. doesnt want people to get themselves educated. they only want to make you poorer and keep feeding at the cost of tax payers money and get votes in return.

5 thoughts on “On Indian Govt policy and the Aam Admi

  1. Thanks for the links Prax. šŸ™‚
    I too cannot understand why the govt. is not focussing on primary education so that all Indians can compete fairly. I wonder if some things are happening behind the scenes and we don’t know? It just seems crazy that India is not getting its priorities right.

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