Politics and Prise rise

There is a worldwide price rise issue or problem, and essential commodity prices are rising and along with it is the genie called Inflation. Worse for the developing and the underdeveloped countries it is reaching crices level cause food constitutes 35to 50% of the wage bill as family s are large and generally depend upon a single earner.

Here in India both the Congress/UPA party in power and the primary opposition party the Bjp and the suspect opposition that gives vital outside votes – the Communists are playing politics on this matter as best as they can. There are dharnas and protests everywhere blaming the govt for price rise while the govt , defends itself blaming things on international pricing conditions.

But is this Only a big show in front of the press cameras simply for public consumption ?

As i see it most politicians are immune to the common mans problems they live like kings in plush govt. bungalows and haver everything paid for by the taxpayer. Plus how can u trust them when the politicians openly make false claims without any remorse or guilt?

This is what happens during lok sabha debates on price rise –

MPs go missing during debate on price rise

Price rise egg on Left

here are some excerpts…

Divided they might be on most issues but in this, MPs’ apathy cut across party lines. The thin attendance only seemed to strengthen the view that Parliament has often boiled down to attention-getting in Zero Hour.

Treasury benches (Congress) wore a deserted look as did the BJP rows.

A similar lack of attendance has been seen in the past when important issues like the agrarian crisis and farmers’ suicides have been discussed. Even routinely, during afternoon sessions, the assembly in Lok Sabha dwindles to less than 40-50 members. It is not much better in Rajya Sabha. Almost lending credibility to the view that it does not pay to be in the House, the media gallery is also thinly staffed.

The BJP and the Left, which have been crying the loudest for the common man burdened by price rise, cut a sorry figure in the Lok Sabha when the issue was discussed today.

On procurement of pds foodgrains – the left is on a real bad wicket the Bjp states have done much better.

“Bengal’s track record is one of the worst in procurement. Out of 147 lakh tonnes of rice output in the state, only three lakh tonnes have been procured there,” the minister said.

States like Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan have over 90 per cent success rate. But Bengal, along with Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, is very bad.


7 thoughts on “Politics and Prise rise

  1. The CPM leadership needs reminds of my grumpy neighbour next door. He complains abouts anything. Sees a conspiracy in everything around him. Caught in a world of corcern about all around him. And yet pulls down any attempt to make things better for him.

    And by the way… he in fact looks a bit like Karat.

    True, welcome to my blog

  2. Everyone just talks and the only thing they are worried about is votes, not inflation. However there are some good politicians, in every party. That is why the country is runnign I guess!

    I figure , i have lost trust in that lot – but u have sound logic on this one
    i think more than good politicians we have a few good bureaucrats and judges that really run the country
    else this would be a banana republic 🙂

  3. The politicians can sit back and take notice only when they are in danger. Remember the Parliament attack? But then also they were quite gutless to do anything. I have started wondering if the proverb “there is always hope” still applies to India??

    😦 true sad is the state of this nation

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