Only in India 1

Guess what India is a Democratic Republic … well is it ? if u read on u will think more than a democratic it looks like a banana republic.. Wow!!

The Government has come up with a ‘code of conduct’ for secondary school teachers most of who are underpaid or late paid (especially in govt grant schools), including those in private schools.

Education Dept in Maharashtra is planning / proposing to ban teachers in Maharashtra’s private schools from investing in stock market. source ET

Reason being they consider it as GAMBLING !!! (looks like some babus have been burnt bad by the market bust and the Reliance and other Ipos )

Worse they expect that the teachers and family to invest only in cooperative banks and credit societies.

If u didn’t know, some credit societys’ and coop banks in hinterlands mostly owned / controlled by most Congress and NCP Polliticians are heavily mismanaged – and a few are worse than the Z group companies and solely survive due to the Maharashtra government largess, something that has made the state having a debt burden taller than Kalsubai the tallest peak in the state , so large that a part of the Mantralaya was attached by the DRT. Without the Rbis moral suasions some urban coop banks like the SIC bank, etc would also have gone under, with the moneys of their depositors.

Isnt this Bizzare? Has something like this been done even in a communist country like China ?

Funnily there was a fraud in The Teachers’ Cooperative Bank in Nashik sometime in 1998.

The proposal also puts restrictions on investments and business by family members of the teachers. If any member has an insurance policy, or is involved in insurance business or any other business, it needs to be reported to the Deputy Director of education, according to the proposal.

It also stipulates that teacher should not marry a person whose ex-partner is alive and also bars teachers from entering into a marriage contract sans permission from school management. The proposal also adds that marriage to a foreigner should be reported to the management.

The proposal also puts restrictions on teachers’ participation in social or political movement and asks them to convince family members to do so. They would also be required to inform the management if a family member wants to contest election.

Why not add another proposal to make them only have 2 kids or less ? Id support it. Are we behind an Iron curtain or what?


11 thoughts on “Only in India 1

  1. Whoa! Can’t believe what I’m reading. I don’t think this proposal will ever get through. How does a teacher’s choice to invest/not invest in stock market has anything to do with his/her primary duty? So long as it doesn’t affect the teaching style…such things shouldn’t matter at all. Very very queer and silly.

  2. no they gave no reasons…
    neways i am taking it as a sign that i need to take a break.. i have been blogging non stop for 3 years now

    u should try with their support site and ask specifically what they found objectionable
    i think the right person to ask will definitely be ruhi she has tonnes of experience with wp

    this is extremely sad 😦 ur getting any desi
    shucks ill miss all your funny posts
    u wont blog u wont trade what will u do ???
    why dont u start a new one say enagari ?? instead
    im thinking of mirroring my blog just in case

  3. Prax
    So the whole country can go into ‘gambling’ and not just the teachers?

    oh. what hap? did they mention on whats the reason?

    True xy
    the reason is that they consider it gambling
    if the politicians can do it so can the others

  4. actually in most of govt service.. esp the armed forces people are not allowed to do stock market trading….
    however they can do long term investments…. probably that rule is to ensure that the day hours are used to serve the nation and its people and not in selfish pursuits.

    well as i see it, it is more meant to protect most flandering coop banks and cr societys, that the mah govt no longer afford to bail out

  5. Wow!!! This one takes the cake. Shows that Indian politicians are bored of sleeping and want to make lives of some helpless teachers miserable just for the fun of it, as if there is nothing better to do….

  6. just create a stock-chat page so that u and i could discuss strategies… but ya i think i would control trading for some time now.. it always good to change and try new things once every few years or so…

  7. Ankur,
    I think this must be because of the internet jokes that you publish. WP has done this to some others I know in the past. I would contact support and thrash it out.
    You should start a chat page, too. I bought Auro Pharma. Their results are supposed to be good, though yet unannounced.
    India Glycols is going great guns. It kinda lifted my spirits. Kotak has given a target of 425 for it. It moved up from 250 to 300 in just a couple of days. Hope it keeps going! πŸ™‚
    I am also planning to sell off RIL once the Sensex peaks out. My guess would be around 18K levels.

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