The Heat is on!

Looks like the Country and especially parts of Northern, Central and Western India are under a Heat Spell.

So folks, be prepared – keep ur goggles, ur टोपि, छत्रि (cap n umbrella not कोन्डोम) n ur sunscreens and aloe vera and cucumber gells ready and start carrying ur water bottles, cause the Heat is on and Orissa and even Calcutta has just witnessed its first heat related deaths. If April is like this i wonder whats in store for May ? Remember the Octobers 41*c?

BBC predicts 45 41*c tomorrow

In Mumbai, we had a late winter and a chilly one at that, and are now facing an early summer, the Temperature is climbing day by day.. From 34*c to 37*c on the max. A whole 2 or 3 deg above normal. From 34*c to 37*c. Though the Weather bureau shows a rather benign 34 and 36*c, just like the Govt approved WPI inflation , things are far worse in reality, with humidity at a sultry 78% and 63% on an average and igoogle saying 38*c for tomorrow and BBC shocking me with its predictions.

Tansen wherever u r – We need some Megh Malhar pronto

Mumbai is over stressed, overpopulated and in May and October it gets super duper HOT! I meant not hot -whistle – wink kind – but literally boiling hot.Blame it on the relentless suburbanization and urbanization or on the merciless cutting of mangroves Mumbai is slowly becoming Nagpurish… and a bit extreme i think. Looks like this time we are facing the grind rather early 😦 The last two days i was feeling rather down and couldnt get work done, thanks to not having an air conditioner and was wondering if something was wrong with me or with the weather and climate in general. As i write, i sneeze nonstop cause i think ive caught a nasty cold thanks to the fan.

God knows how people in Chandrapur in Nagpur a survive this heat..


4 thoughts on “The Heat is on!

  1. And I am traveling to Goa today! Well, its not exactly a holiday, but combined holiday cum work. Luckily discounted fares are available as tourists don’t want to go in this season.

  2. I think the weather is too erratic since the last decade. Its too hot when it is not supposed to be, too cold when it is not supposed to be, rains at all irregular times, snows at unknown time intervals. God knows how much do we have to irritate nature before all hell breaks loose. And I hate summers. 😦

  3. lucky u Nita – bon voyage !
    whatever nywhere is better than Mumbai

    true amit call it natures revenge or el ninio
    i also hate summers 😦

  4. Try getting job in any IT company 😛
    They provide salary and AC seats you with do no work at all. 😀


    karad must be hot too right?
    i corrected ur typo (hi hope thats what u intended to say)
    im not that well qualified nyways 😦
    but thanks for ur comment and welcome to my blog

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