Laws and the Indian State

Even after having so many laws, and just the Central Enactment Index spanning 22 pages, why are Indians so lawless ?

Is India one of the most oppressive and over-legislated countries in the free world ? Is it better to have fewer but effectively enforced laws , or do u subscribe to more the merrier principle?

Do Indians need a change ?

For more on the Indian legal system try out Indiacode

To download the Constitution in parts try this link.


6 thoughts on “Laws and the Indian State

  1. I have always wondered why cities like Singapore are so clean. I think its not the number of laws but how much are the citizens responsible, which make things better. Also, when citizens are not that responsible(as in India), then enforcing laws with rigidity might help. But again, for that, the Law enforcing bodies must be responsible. Which, sadly, is not the case with India again.
    Hence, I agree with Xylene, It comes from within.

  2. Amit and Xylene
    i dont agree with u
    In a state like singapore there are three things
    1. political support
    2. strict laws and penalties and rigid enfocrement
    3. public discipline
    that is why they are successful

    Here there is no political will and rampant corruption – infact it takes so much time to pass laws because all interested parties first help draft loopholes in those laws…
    confucious once said
    “What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others”

  3. Yes, I forgot to add Political Support which again is sadly missing. So basically all the three ingredients required to make a law successful are not present. 😐

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