Innovative advertising – Milking the Lottery scam email

i received this letter by email, ironically this looks shockingly similar to the mails i get on and off of some god forsaken country/ bank lottery. U all must by now, know of or received a lottery scam email.

Tell me, what do i make of it? The company India Today is genuine and i suppose so is the offer… at least the 3 gift bit but the way they have marketed it – i think marketeers have got it wrong entirely. So do i bite the bullet ? What do u think?

Dear i-mint member,

You have just reached the final stage of winning Rs 15 lakh!

As an esteemed i-mint member, you have been chosen to participate in INDIA TODAY Grand Prize Draw and win Rs. 15 lakh in cash.

You have already successfully cleared the initial two stages – the selection of participants and possible finalists and the assigning of your Personal Access Code. Now you are just a step away from winning Rs. 15, 00,000 in cash and up to 3 Mystery Gifts! All that is left now is the third and final phase: the selection of winners. And your chances of winning in this decisive stage depend completely on you.

Important: To enter the final stage, click on the button below. This offer is not transferable and is valid for a limited time period only. So, what are you waiting for, click now to win!

Good luck!

Sameer Gupta
Prize Draw Manager,


3 thoughts on “Innovative advertising – Milking the Lottery scam email

  1. Otherwise the best thing to do is call up India today and ask them if there is indeed any lottery they are offering

  2. Dude, go to a cybercafe & try! What are you scared of? Virus? The CC comp will catch it, not yours! hahaha!
    All the best!
    Let us know what you do.

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