Karnataka preparing for Polls

Now Karnataka will soon go to the polls, that after Kumaraswamy and the JDU played the role of Prerna( of Kasauti Zindagi ke) in the karnataka political drama shuffling between the Congress I and BJP, until the Centre dissolved the assembly after high drama. I has written about the amazing Gowdas in one of my posts sometime ago.

This will be a big event for Congress which is facing the Inflation heat in the Center, and the result will probably decide if the govt will prefer to dissolve parliament early or continue with the circus.

The three main contenders for the CM post will most probably be

Yediyurappa – BJP

Krishna – Congress I

Kumaraswamy – Janta Dal Scular

Looks like there is a secret alliance of Congress, JDS and Bangarappa (samajwadi )(ex congress).

The scular CNNIBN poll conducted by the one and only Yogendra Yadav and team of the Centre for Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) is also conveniently out, and no guesses here. As in Gujarat, they are indicating a clear mandate for the Congress.

My Conclusion – Either the result will be a hung Assembly like before or BJP might just about win this time.


* Pic from CNNIBN site


3 thoughts on “Karnataka preparing for Polls

  1. As per the rediff article, the secret alliance is with JDS and not JDU.
    Hey thanks pooja for correcting me
    these janta dal people keep breaking up and its tough to keep track

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