Dont write-off the humble DVD yet

Blue-ray may be the Hi-def future media but it isn’t selling enough….

DVD is “good enough” for most consumers. And that the picture offered by a Blu-ray Disc and accompanying player doesn’t appear so overwhelmingly better than a standard DVD and an upconverting player that many consumers can’t justify the dramatically increased cost. read on

I stand vindicated, and DVD is still the most popular home entertainment medium to watch movies.

Read Will Consumers accept Blue-ray?

DVD not Blu-Ray is still the most popular home entertainment medium


3 thoughts on “Dont write-off the humble DVD yet

  1. well adoption always takes time… remember how long vhs tapes and cassette players continues even after the invention of CD

    true plus it is priced way too high- a big stumbling block

  2. True, especially if you already have a large collection of DVDs. Otherwise, if you want pure high definition, you’ll spend thousands of dollars on hardware and on replacing your current DVD collection with their Blu-Ray equivalent.

    Personally, I see myself sticking with DVD upconversion for quite some time. As Ankur said, perhaps in with time that may change. . .

  3. if its cheap. yes.
    i dont think that any average consumer can afford the hardware fornow.
    The VHS to CD was slow, but then CD to DVD was fast, may be coz there was not much price difference. and the prices were falling everyday.

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