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Beijing Olympics

The Olympic Torch has completed its caged worldwide rally and finally reached China. The Chinese in their traditional marshal fervor have given it a humongous state welcome …and by that i mean it has to be a highly choreographed and state controlled gala event…

Never mind what the World thinks they just don’t know or dont care

The Chinese want to showcase it as a Grand event and they will leave no stone unturned. But it looks like their most grandiose plan of sending the olympic flame to the Everest summit has hit Rough weather and even the Gods are not merciful to the Chinese Govt.

No wonder providing information on the torch’s ascent is no longer part of China’s media plans. They have a solution ready .. their tried and tested tool Censorship.

The BBC’s Jonah Fisher, reports

It now seems that they only want us to report the victorious summit moment. We may never know if there were failed attempts, or indeed if someone hurt themselves trying for the top. The only fact we possess is that the flame is somewhere in the area.

Looks like the Nature gods are extracting sweet revenge 🙂

In medical news a man has just grown back a severed finger..

Looks like we are much closer to some reptilian species than we thought. 😉


3 thoughts on “Interesting news

  1. 😆
    You mean that they won’t even let people know if the torch reached the summit or not?? Then why to send it there?? Maybe its just lying somewhere in the capital and they are just faking it. 😀

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