BJP wins Karnataka!

Looks like BJP is winning Karnataka with a close to simple majority of 110 seats out of the total 224 seats, beating all media estimates of it winning anything between 60 and 100 seats.

Images from Rediff

Looks like this is a thumping defeat of the dirty selfish JDS coalition politics and coalition drama in general, absurd pre poll estimates by some very biased journalists and psephologists and of course, old Indira style central command politics and central economics with grand programs and schemes declared by center and dole based politics with no clue about on ground requirements, of the Congress under their very own super PM/MP/President Madam and Baba.

So my estimate of Bjp just about making it has come True.

For BJP whose politics these days looks more secular than Congress, this is a big victory and a major morale booster for central leaders and for the BJP Pole Strategist, Arun Jaitley. It is also their first victory down south of the Vindhyas, finally giving it an all India Party tag, scaring the Commis who will now be their next door neighbors so much, that their big mouth politburo member Yechuary has blamed the loss on Congress policy and price rise, a policy mainly steered by big doles, so called minority appeasement and communist threat of pullout. This has also been a partial vote against caste based politics, and thanks to delimitation, a silent shift of some power to urban centers, without which the BJP could not have got so many seats.

This is a vote for Stability and a party with a good state leadership, and the biggest test for the expected Chief minister Yediyurappa. On the other hand the Congress is short of leaders, except for the humble latecomer and ex Maharashtra Governor, Mr S M Krishna who has at least taken some responsibility for the defeat, while the Central leadership has been dead silent. Central politics would be rather interesting now.


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