Power singers of the 80s

I grew up with this kinda music and here are a few powerful lady singers of that time..

Jennifer Rush – The Power Of Love

(most selling power ballad also sung by Laura Branigan and Celene Dion)

Whitney Houston – One Moment In Time (Grammy Awards Live)

Laura Branigan – Self Control

This song was ripped off in some stupid bollywood song with akshay kumar and Rekha .

MSM and Gloria Estefan

The Ripoff of this song in the movie Tridev got so hot that the mumbai police had to ban its singing on streets !

The Look – Roxette


One thought on “Power singers of the 80s

  1. Good collection. Even though I ve very different taste, enjoyed listening to these numbers. Talking of ripoffs, have you tried listening to the Indonesian band PeterPan’s numbers… our music directors take “inspiration” from every corner of the world πŸ˜‰

    so what r ur tastes ?
    These are classics and i don’t regularly listen to. My sis did listen to some, therefore the connection…
    had no clue that they get inspired by Indonesia , looks like bollywood music directors are indeed going internatioal in this dept πŸ˜€

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