The TataSky Bomb!

TataSky is slowly becoming an expensive proposition to its customers. Agreed their quality is superior and so is their service as compared to competition, but that does not mean that they can do whatever they choose to and people will keep quiet.

First tata makes u pay a 1000 bucks for Standard installation* + installation warranty + activation charges while they always maintain that the hardware is Tata sky property. That when a regular installation shouldn’t cost more than 500, Rs300 if u DIY.

Second their policy suks bigtime. First they pull u in with offers , then they slowly show their magic!

I purchased their box when the 6months any bouquet free offer was on and that pack had a built in cost. I took the South Super Jumbo Pack promising all channels.

They first they carved out the Lifestyle Gold Pack (10 channels) Rs 30 per month, from the regular bunch channels that were supposedly promotional.

Today came the turn of the BBC pack or Lifestyle Silver Pack: Rs 30 per month and the ESPN/Star or Sports Platinum Pack at Rs 40 per month, and god knows what will happen in future.

Worse How do u club a News , Toon and an Entertainment channel together just because of the BBC tag?

The question is what happens to people like me or to the annual subscribers who, feel conned and feel like repeating Rageshwari Aunty by saying Cheating ! Cheating ! Cheating. Is it time we goto TRAI or consumer court? Even for the regular subscriber the math is wonky

Initial payment was South Super Jumbo Pack: Rs 350 per month. Now it is South Jumbo Pack: Rs 310 per month + 30 + 30 + 40+15 = 425 per month or maybe 380, if u don’t include the ten sports and either of BBC pack or lifestyle gold pack.
Im not including the Neo sports pack or Sports Gold Pack: Rs 30 per month. something the cable guy will offer at the rate of Rs 5 per channel.

For the price sensitive Desi Subscriber, life may not be so Jingalala after all!

Here are Tataskys Helpline numbers: so go protest

From MTNL/BSNL lines: 1860 425 6633
From other lines: Western India: 020 6600 6633
Northern India: 0172 6600 6633
Southern & Eastern India: 040 6600 6633

23 thoughts on “The TataSky Bomb!

  1. My experience with TataSky is equally disappointing. I have contacted them to complain about their hard push promotional tactics but, their response is nil. Yesterday, I found that BBC World channel has gone off my screen, without any kind of cursory infomation. What a great Tata way to treat customers? There is No Point in complaining. I am thinking about switching over to the good old local cable guy. Only thing bothering me is Rs.4000/- I have paid before the World Cup Cricket to get this Tatasky connection. Now, they are offering it for Rs.1500/-

  2. doc
    that is the general problem of dth
    the tiny 90 or 120 cm dishes cant really pick up the signal in heavy rain or clouds
    it would be better to go for a tata sky with a 4 foot dish with society mdb, as the signal is much clearer
    the cable guys use the good old cband 16 foot dishes which too can sometimes get washed out but not as much as the tiny ones do.
    I think if everyone using dth ,petitition for dth cas with the TRAI then things can change
    i will post on that later

  3. Prax, the TATA guys tell that their DTH with a 60 cm dish, would work even in the rain. DishTV and DD DTH works fine with a 90 cm dish in the rain. So why not TATA sky. It does not.

    Arunan, the TATA sky sellers only want to sell their stuff. In fact nobody is buying, yet they claim to have a 2 million subscriber base.

    Nita, TATA had just arrived a short time ago. No wonder they used to praise themself sky high. Now they are trying to wriggle out of the rut hole they have pushed themself into.

  4. The best alternative is to choose the Super saver pack which costs around 260 and then add a Rs 40 ka special pack if needed so that the cost reaches 300 which is not that bad for the pocket!!!!. Its the same with all DTH companies…….Sweet talk with extra sugar coatings to the customers in the beginning and then slowly show the ugly side after a few months.Life’s cruel!!!!LOL

  5. IC
    In very heavy rain the 4 ft dish can also loose signal quality. by nature ku band signals are more intense so they are prone to these problems, generally a 120 cm dish is good enough , but tuning should be good and signal strength should be 60 to 80% or above .

    i fully agree but wont it be better for all premium pay channels to go a la carte or u to have a choice to pick each indl channel u want
    in cas u can do that and it costs 5 bucks a channel while tata charges anything between rs10 and 25 a channel.

  6. Ya not a bad idea to put premium channels like BBC entertainment and other channels excluding sports of course in the a la carte.Even if they give us a choice of choosing the special channels and charging us 10-15 rupees I don’t mind coz the other guys who charge rs 5 per channel sucks in our area.He gives us zero service and does not bother to show up when someone complains.Atleast TataSky replies to your complaints within 24 hours. Its k if we pay extra for the good service thats what I think

  7. But ya the 1000 buck installation is ridiculous.I wonder how much the others charge!!!

    others give u an option , and generally cost anything from 300 to 800 depending upon the cabling required on cas i fully agree but the cost per channel above Rs 10 is in my view steep because of the adds they fill the channel with especially sports

  8. if they start charging for each channel, then I need the channels ad free.
    I mean I have to pay them and then watch all the ads or what? (Iknow I dont sound reasonable, but then they arent either)

    then be prepared to pay close to a dollar a channel or Rs50 , but i don’t see how they can do it without providing a separate feed for tata, remember the package costs money and the channels are still not free even with the adds

  9. @Xylene
    Absolutely right, if u r charging such high price for watching the channels then, give them ad free..
    But that is not practically possible as most of the broadcasters earn a lot of money with ad’s. We are used to watching ad’s its fine. One thing that i have come across lately, TataSky chargers each channel brodcaster something called the ‘carraige fee’ which runs into a few crores for broadcasting the channels on their platform. TataSky does not also lay off in charging the same from the customers, Only officials working on the Tata account may be able to give u accurate details of how much money is Tata making out of it.

    Hats off to their packaging theory, They make packaging a little more modular, but they charge heavy for the same. Imagine, A well educated person like me would only want to watch some english comedy and reality aired on BBC entertainment, I simply would entertain myself watching the channel, Now i have to pay an extra of 30Rs for watching content on the channel which was the part of the base pack, when TataSky had been making money.
    I would have supported Tata on modularity of packages only if they had reduced the cost of their base pack to the same amount as they are charging.

  10. It was not only what Tata Sky did, but how it did it. In a very sneaky way they mislead their customers . The 260 rp package ad was showing on the BBC channel! Was it not logical to think that it would be included in the 260 rp-package? Since June 1st, I don’t receive BBC news nor entertainment. And of course, they are not answering any of their customer help lines. A very cowardly behavior, if you ask me! This is where competition is desperately needed. If so, Tata Sky would not use such low tactics to lure their customers to pay more.

  11. The new channel reshuffling really sucks. They have straightaway reduced channels like BBC, Ten sprots etc, without reducing their cost from the packages. I can understand the STAR sports ESPN etc as the cost reduced can be added back. But the others are just not acceptable…

  12. I was too with a 6 month south jumbo package, costing Rs 350. last week was i was outraged with sports channels ripped off the package…. cositng 40 more….
    is there any way to protest these guys… i feel cheated.

    i think all consumers should get together under some consumer redresal forum and goto consumer court
    immediately we should complain to TRAI

  13. LOL…..Tata sky has now come back to earth!!!!.They have now decided to give back all the channels till the end of the month and later they will decide on whether to introduce the scheme or not.Thank god channels like Star Sports,ESPN and Ten Sports complained!!!!

  14. 😉 thanks buddy – just realised it
    id be happy if they do their math next time and put even more channels a la carte like the hindi saas bahu channels i don’t see

  15. Me too was a South Jumbo Pack subscriber. There was no response from cutomer care, so had to go legal through TRAI

    TATAsky’s Legal guys ( CYRUS K ELAVIA) had the guts to threaten me through TRAI that he will pull me to court if I do not provide Factual Accuracy of my claim that TATASky has cheated the Malayalam and Tamil Viewers.

    Take a look at the copy of his letter to TRAI

  16. what i like bout tata sky is that it is always on,i.e even on power failures,however prices are high and they make u pay for english channels too when u want subscribe for hindi channels.

  17. I have opted to disconnect the TATA SKY connection. The customer care executive told me that no money will be paid back to me.

    I have about 2000 rupees balance with them. Since i am canceling the service, I would expect TATA SKY to pay me back the remaining money. But no, this is TATA SKY, they are a law unto themselves. I don’t know what they call it, I call it STEALING.

    There are few asymmetries in their service.

    1. On the tata sky website, you can add packages, but cannot delete it.
    2. You can call tatasky for a new connection, but they need a written complaint to disconnect a old connection.

    Has anyone filed a case against TATA SKY?
    If not, is anyone planning to file one?

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