Mumbai and its Markets – All washed out !

The weather in Mumbai is getting extreme. it rained for a week and heavily then there is a weak of a sunny spell, the rains have started again and how ! the third day in the second spell has the washed the city clean.

Prathana Samaj Mumbai

According to the meteorological department, the suburbs of Santacruz recorded 142.8 mm of rainfall while Colaba in south Mumbai recorded 200 mm till 8.30 a.m.

CST or VT on Sunday

Suburban trains are running late by half-an-hour to 45 minutes. Several stations on Central line like Ghatkopar, Kurla, Vidyavihar, Matunga and Sion were waterlogged in the morning, the Harbor line must have shut down, and service may resume in the evening, if the high tides clear and the rainfall that has stopped in late noon wont start again in all earnest. The Western Suburban trains are right now operating on a stop and go basis but the frequency is low . Some of the roads should suffer the same fate . One question though, has the media visited milan subway yet ?

The Mumbai Municipality issued a warning to Mumbaikars not to step out of their houses as a precautionary measure. This is routine life in Mumbai , whatever the BMC the State Govt and its CM or the Johny Jo*** claims , and i dont see it changing very soon.

The weather is dull and gloomy and looks like it has also taken its toll.

The rupee has fallen to a 15 month low and so have the stock markets. The Stock Markets ie the BSE and NSE have broken key resistances levels (for NSE it was around 4000) and the markets are predicted to head further down, though they also look pretty washed out now.

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7 thoughts on “Mumbai and its Markets – All washed out !

  1. thats the million dollar question , unlike the tech bust – the whole mkt is busting this time and its breaking big and many stocks are at 52 week lows.

    It should take anywhere between 1 to 3 yrs depending upon how govt policy plays and how much miss management happens

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