At the movies July-08

Inflation is pinching pockets and its time to be choosy while going to the movies so here is a list of the current must sees to get some bang for the buck!

Hancock is going to be a superhit, so folks in India don’t miss it when it releases! Genre : Comedy / Action Imdb rated 7.00 Wiki link here

Looks like Jaane tu ya jaane na is the Hindi super hit of the month… so go watch it

Genre : Romance/ Comedy Imdb rated 8.2 Wiki link here

And For the blast from the past movie, if u missed seeing Splash a beautiful movie from the 80s or haven’t seen it before – don’t miss it it should be repeated today a’noon at 2.30pm on Zee Studio.

Splash Genre : Romance / Fantasy Imdb rated 6.2 Wiki link here


9 thoughts on “At the movies July-08

  1. Do let us know when you have watched hancock? And btw, did you watch Aamir? My friends had been talking a lot about it….

  2. oemar , i did watch aamir – good film to see once . but the story is a bit bizzare a bit unreal and based in bits and pieces on a famous American movie…

  3. I plan to watch both Jane tu and hancock! getting good reports about the jane tu movie. and as I have had a marry my best friend romance the theme seems interesting.

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