Indian Govt at its weakest?

AS the party the usurped the BJPs role of primary opposition party while giving outside support to the UPA govt, the Communists, give the lady president, their formal letter of withdrawal of support, local politics is at its most interesting. Will the Speaker quit ? Will the trust vote be won? Will this govt ever rule ? Will Mr Softy revive the fortunes of his party in his beloved Okkar Pardes ?

The UPA govt is expecting support from the Samajwadis , who are themselves not quite that united.

The Blame Duck govt is at its weakest even if it wins the trust vote – if it is even held. One good thing is that the Prime Minister of the Madam will definitely feel relief from the the ordeal of the daily communist super diktats and focus on his pet Nuke deal on which his legacy rests.

i caught Laloo who has now got a you tube fan base on Star news telling the ex Aaj Tak compare in hindi- We want Power – and guess that is the current state of the current coalition  and its opponents.

Talveen is apt at describing this mess in her post Travails of this jugaad government.

Narayans analysis is now even more scary. read the Dismal fiscal situation

For some humor and perspective on the lot read

The Fine Art Of Subtexting

A Study Of The Communists

Team Chidambaram Sucks At Jeddah

and i suspect that its not Rakesh J thats really writing them posts


8 thoughts on “Indian Govt at its weakest?

  1. this is not local politics. it is the ego of one unelected person – Prakash Karat – and his desire to shape the country with his ideology.
    funnily enough – his stand is going to help the BJP the most.
    But, i am glad that the PM has had the resolve to ask the left to f*** off – even before they had the 272. By doing this – he has improved India’s stature in the international community . a government that would rather fall than back down on a deal …. a deal that is essentially in national interest.

  2. Harini , it is in his and the communists interests that both bjp and congress weaken because they benefit most and their bargaining power increases. Havent u seen an uglier version – the jd (opportunist gowda) dont remember his extension. But he forgets public sab janti hai!

    //i am glad that the PM has had the resolve to ask the left to f*** off -//

    well i don’t think it is the PM it is the super PM that takes decisions here and this one is taken out of sheer desperation, due to the state the nation is in thanks to sheer economic mismanagement

  3. It’s high time this Man moron Singh government is shown the door. The troubling question is, who else will take their position?

    I am rather surprised over BJP’s opposition to nuke deal. If anyone, they should be supporting this bill. This is opposing for the sake of it. Prax, your post reminds me of something I wrote almost exactly an year ago. Status quo…

  4. i fully agree, this jugaad is for buying time – but bjp under the shrill old far to intelligent but a bit stupid old man is an option most fashionable so called secular Hindus wont love to choose or vote.

    for BJP they are doing what the congress has taught them to do say NO !
    And probably this may be much ado about nothing cause god alone knows how much time this govt will take to prove its majority – go to the iaea – then to the npt and nsg and lastly to the us congress which needs 30 days to debate and time is fast running out – because congress wants distraction from the price rise and the economic mess that its playing this card

  5. Steering the economy is like driving at full speed on a freeway and steering a car through the rearview mirror.

    whatever controls we r taking to soften the fall does not seem to work

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