2 yrs since 7/11 Mumbai train blasts.

Its 2 yrs since the train blasts that rocked Mumbai. Flashback

The 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra and India’s financial capital. 209 people lost their lives and over 700 were injured in the attack

Most Mumbaikars will never forget the incident, though its most likely that they wont have either the time or the patience for the niceties of laying wreaths or doing shoak sabhas or holding the 2 minutes silence, or having photo opps and holding functions.

See the Rediff special that says Railways remembers 7/11 victims, Mumbai doesn’t

The stupid reporter has forgotten that it was the public that first came to the aid of the blast victims not the Rail staff or non existent emergency services. Its a part of Mumbai culture to help each other in times of emergency or need knowing fully well how the system works in this country- something that was inculcated in the challs and congested communal housing. read Mumbai: ‘I’ll never forget 7/11 blasts’

I’m sure most politicians and IRS employees staying cosy in the prime govt bungalows and plush Badhwar park flats sure have, by the way the victims have been treated because the final test is not in laying wreaths on stone slabs but in rehabilitating the victims , and in that aspect the establishment – the state, the centre and the rail ministry have failed miserably.

Now the Rail ministry want to charge them interest Read: Railways recovering interest from blast victims.

And our great politicians have record breaking unpaid bills, which are somehow all but forgotten and PILs and court cases are needed to even attempt to recover dues. Pay your bills, HC tells MPs

For all the fanfare and footage after the blasts and the walking talking CM, the PM, Laloo and Presidents visit, the lip service , we will not bow down, cow down blabber blabber unflinching resilience bla bla – most victims have been left to fight their own battles.

Read 7/11 blast victims being harassed: Somaiya

A study commissioned by former MP Kirit Somaiya noted that that only 174 of the 1,077 victims had received compensation through the Railway Claims Tribunal. For the handicapped victims, only 15 out of 235 eligible cases had been taken care of. Regarding the Prime Minister‘s promise to India concerning the rehabilitation of the victims, L. K. Advani noted:

none of the above mentioned assurances has been fulfiled to any degree of satisfaction[21]

Read about Mahendra Pitale, Lazarus Fernandes

2 years later, families of Mumbai’s train blast victims struggle with shattered lives

The then Mumbai top cop A N Roy (a political appointee) has gone on to become the DGP of Maharashtra, says: ‘I want 7/11 perpetrators punished’ – Is it lip service ? that when the police still don’t have a clue about the plot or its perpetrators . Remember, the case of the 1994 bomb blast still lingers on. read 7/11 serial blasts still teaser for Mumbai Police and Investigation at standstill

Frankly do our politicians really care about the non privileged aam admi? when it cant give its ex field marshal read Lack of courtesy to Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw and embassy officials due respect. read Do we treat our martyrs right?

No is public opinion because People are rushing to add terror cover to insurance policies. read Insure yourself before u board a Mumbai Suburban Train for some stats.

and are our Gandhivadi leaders commiting a cardinal sin?


6 thoughts on “2 yrs since 7/11 Mumbai train blasts.

  1. Too many people. Nobody gives a damn because the value of human life is not regarded. अेक गेला तर दुसरे १० येतील…

    Our society is still in a stage where people are more concerned about going about their own life and nobody has the time or interest in others. Politicians are known to exploit all weaknesses.

    PS: What an amazing amount of research for this post. Hats off to you Prax

  2. this is all b’cause of the right’s they are not getting about the kashmir have u ever heard about the UNO in 1947 this is the document made by england to india and pakistan that for kashmir they shall give them the authority to select with whom they want to stay and untill now they didnot get the chance.
    and the second thing is that you idoit are worrying only about the people who get killed by the terrorist in blast what about the people who is living in kashmir they are dying daily b;cause of the behavior of our army over them so who is in the suitation like this they become terrorist

  3. mohsin
    i dont need ur bullshit u pig headed idiot..
    jnk also includes jammu and ladakh both provinces want to stay with India
    Pakistan has illegally annexed gilgit and baltistan and worse they have flooded the provinces with pakistanis who govern with the force of the gun and with terror , and most original inhabitants are outnumbered

    Kashmiris want independence
    not integration with pakistan which is a pipe dream preached to them by the hurriyat etc who
    are in the regular havala pay of isi
    i know the UNO and how many UN agreements the Pakistanis break on a daily basis.

    People are not only killed by the forces but also by the terrorists who are inhuman and cut ears tongues and genitals ,,, so please dont give me crap,,, and what about the masaccre of hindus in the valley , the chief perpetrator of which was the recent cm , can pakistan do such a thing?

  4. on the 1948 UN declaration it is null and void because it was valid on undivided jnk
    because pakistan has illegally occupied gilgit and baltistan cedeaded kashmiri land to China that too also illegally …

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