In Vital National Interest

The Congress is hawking the Nuke Deal as something vital for national interest and energy security, as the floor test approaches. The question is why now at the fag end of the office when the Pm had almost written it off. Is it to divert attention from the governments failings ?

Worse the doubts increase manyfold when there is speculation that the time for getting the ball rolling might just have run out. read Has time for Indo-US nuclear deal run out?

A highly placed Congress source said the UPA has decided to contact MPs across the political spectrum, except those in the Left and the BJP, with a one-point plea – help the government to get the nuclear deal through in the national interest. read DNA

Somehow this national interest rhetoric gets scary when u remember how bush won elections and got consensus on going into iraq for WMD and to destroy Saddam’s regime as it had supposed link with the pan islamic jihad network, all based on suspicious intelligence.

Not that im against the deal, the fact still remains that sufficient debate among the experts and the intelligentsia on the deal has been lacking, and a very few scientists have been instrumental in the nitty grity, mainly Dr Kakodkar, who has worked all throughout in the background, discussing it with the Us and IAEA teams.

Some very prominant scientists are opposed to the deal Read Full text of the nuclear scientists’ letter to PM.

And as i had said before, the biggest plus from the deal was Australian Uranium, but uranium prices are not cheap and are leading the commodity boom. Read : Why Did the Price of Uranium Skyrocket? – Freakonomics

The openness with which this deal should have been pursued is missing. Worse the Americans have a lot more bargaining power than a minority party cobbled Indian govt which is desperate for pushing the deal through, that when China took more than a decade to sign a deal in terms favorable to it. The Congress/UPA was keeping the contents of the drafts secret and only released it when some American website published it on the net. Read : The ghost of ’74


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