Blasts galore!

Looks like the terrorists and local jihadi network is working overtime in India , and the ease with which they are operating in our new metros, bombing at will and have a well entrenched sleeper cell network.

As virtually no big city except calcutta has been left untouched by bomb blasts, i assume that terrorist are managing to setup a good sleeper cells networks and evading detection quite successfully to operate with such ease and flexibility and worse to operate at will. This is indeed a new low for our Nations Internal Security.

Question is what are the CBCIDs, the IB and RAW doing ? Are they operating with their hands tied behind their back or are they being used to spy on the other parties and politicians instead of tackling the terrorist threat ? For once S Patil (Ofstumped has a page dedicalted to his incompetence) is keeping his mouth shut lest he embarrass the Congress even further after the Singh episode . Looks like the ISI/ foreign hand will be blamed yet again in an attempt to cover up the deficiencies of the Politicians and State Machinary when the partys persue terrorists as vote banks.

Supposedly it is the Indian Mujahideen who are busy these days. This time it is the BJP ruled states under their radar First Jaipur then Bangalore and Ahmedabad, god knows which city will be next ? Looks like the Govt is outsourcing its responsibility of Right to life (of its common citizen) to Insurance companies while taking a terrorists right to life rather seriously. Terror insurance – Accident insurance and Life insurance business will surely benefit.


10 thoughts on “Blasts galore!

  1. There is so much corruption in India that we can never stop the terrorists. People have no feelings of patriotism at all…they talk of nationalism and sell their country under the table.

  2. Sometimes, people don’t even talk about nationalism and laugh at patriotism. India, we need to improve ourselves!!!

    Prax, no answers to your questions!!!

  3. i disagree – more training and equipment and specialised personnel with special powers like in pota for the said personel in the police or ats of each state is required , but most important thing is will and free hand which is missing.

    what i think is we have sufficient agencies what is the ib and cbi for ? the problem is that the agencies are generally misused by the govt and in this situation is made to work with their hands tied all in the name of sucularism

    There should be an agency that coordinates and passes on info -and if only there is one
    The agency should be truly federal and independent – and not work according to the tune of central govt orders – which from past experience is what is lacking if u take CBI into consideration.

  4. Read an atrocious article in the paper the other day.. Apparently the blasts were a part of “Operation BACK”… Hehehe!
    B = Bangalore
    A = Ahemedabad
    C = Chennai
    K = Kolkata

    Hahahahaha!!! Have you heard of anything more ridiculous? This was in Deccan Herald!! 😀
    Apart then blowing things out of proportion (no puns intended) these influence-makers seem good for nothing! Bah!

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