Why is Jammu Still Burning ?

Why is Jammu still burning ? Is it a Hindu intefada? Is it because of political apathy towards Jammu, and the voice of the minority in JnK, Is it because of the attitude of the  Governor, the State leadership and the attitude of PDP and other parties like the NC and Communists and Central govt in placating the very vocal separatists like the Hurriyat and the radical bunch in the Valley, eyeing vote banks before elections ?

Is it a reaction to the communalist attitude of the sucular parties and the inactive, in hibernation Central govt that is feerful of taking a stand ?

Image via SIFY News/ PTI

It is now weeks since the uprising started, and it is not just a political struggle – its a mass movement and people are out on the streets be it the doctors, lawyers, businessmen or the common man. Hindus are upset and it is showing…There is an unofficial emergency- see pics of the clampdown inside Jammu at the Kashmir blog

Read Jammu’s Hindu uprising,

On Monday, the police, clueless as to how to handle the situation and directed by an inspector general of police who is an outsider, shot at protesters in Samba. They did not shoot to injure or scare away the crowds chanting slogans against Governor N N Vohra and waving the national tricolour. They shot to kill by aiming their guns at the protesters’ heads.

What we are witnessing in Jammu is a Hindu intifada: The young and old, men and women, youth and children are locked in an unequal battle with the police — and, since Friday, the army — demanding the immediate revocation of the government order cancelling the transfer of 800 kanals of land to the Sri Amarnath Shrine Board. The land was meant for creating temporary facilities for pilgrims who trek to the Amarnath shrine every year, braving inclement weather and jihadi attacks.
Years of neglect of Jammu by Kashmir has resulted in what you are seeing today. The people are frustrated. The Pandits have at last found a platform to vent their anger. Jammu has more people than Kashmir, but the lion’s share always goes to the valley,” says Professor Hari Om.

Read Yatras wrong turn, Amarnath row

Most people in the annals of power and the English press forget that the state of Jammu and Kashmir or what remains of it also contain predominantly Hindu Jammu and the predominantly Buddhist Ladakh including shia majority Kargil.

See the Jammu and Kashmir map for more and for exactly why Pakistan wants Kashmir by checking out the proximity of Islamabad to the actual international border never mind the religious undertones for its justification.

This country has a weird status quo thanks to Article 370

The article is the main cause of the JNK problem and has successfully kept the state in a shell, one that has allowed its valley dominated constituent assembly to dictate terms to the minority Jammu and Ladakhi citizens.

Persons who are not permanent residents are second-class citizens in the State. Despite being citizens of India, they do not have equal rights in several matters. They suffer serious discrimination. For example, they are disqualified from registering on the electoral rolls under Section 12 (b) of the Jammu and Kashmir Representation of the People Act. Section 4 of the Land Alienation Act prohibits transfer of lands to any person who is not a State subject. Rule 17(a) of the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Rules provides for appointment by direct recruitment only to those who are permanent residents.

Though the Grandson of the Shekh, the MP Omar Abdullah made all the right noises in the Parliament, history has shown how the state assembly in JNK  has acted quite the contrary.

Read J&K: legalised discrimination
Resettlement of Pakistani refugees wobbles Kashmir coalition
and about the targeted anti Women, anti Pundit law…
THE JAMMU and Kashmir Permanent Residents (Disqualification) Bill 2004

Memories of mistakes A bitter Saga of Religious conversion.

The major reason for the current serious problem in Kashmir has been the separate status for the state. The Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir had acceded to India on October 26,1947 without any condition which was as wise a step as other rulers and Nawabs had taken. Why was accession then declared temporary at that stage? The Government of India appointed Governors in all the states but in Jummu and Kashmir an Agent was posted. Restrictions were imposed on travel from and into Jammu and Kashmir and the permit system was introduced which was not prevalent in any part of the country. In addition to this the state was kept under the Ministry of External Affairs by delinking it from the Ministry of Home Affairs and one Secretary was kept incharge of the state. The seeds of separatism were sown then. Not only this, the state’s trade Agents were posted in Delhi, Amritsar and Pathankot.

Besides this, the Government of India gave special powers to the State and the State Government. These special powers had not been given to any other State. In Jammu and Kashmir powers were given to the Government to frame its own constitution. Permission was given to have Sadar-i-Riyasat in place of Governor and to hoist National Conference flags, instead of the National flag, on the Government buildings. At that time the Finance Commission and the Election Commission had no jurisdiction in the State. No Central law could be applied to the State. The Government of India paid no attention to its dangerous consequences. The Government of India set up a Radio Station in Jammu and Kashmir but instead of naming it All India Radio, Srinagar, or Jammu, it was christened Radio Kashmir Srinagar and Radio Kashmir Jammu.

Jawaharlal Nehru had unbounded faith in Sheikh Abdullah. But how the time takes a turn The same Sheikh was arrested on August 9, 1953 and jailed. He remained in the wilderness for 21 years during which he delivered objectionable speeches. When he was released on August 8, 1964 he told a massive public rally in Jammu that “our accession to India is temporary and it had ceased. We demand right of self-determination so that people can decide their future”.

. Separatism is not the result of poverty and backwardness. The problem has roots in religious attitudes and inclinations. Had political and economic inequalities been the cause of separatism, it should have first spread to Jammu and Ladakh when these two regions have been kept backward under a definite plan. In the intoxication of appeasement of the Muslims the Government of India always butchered the legal rights of the people of Jammu. It closed its eyes towards the development of Jammu and Ladakh and focussed its attention towards the Kashmir valley. The dirty politics of votes encouraged anti-national forces in Kashmir. The result is that Kashmir is seemingly becoming a land of religious fundamentalism.

From my archival post On Article 370

The accession of the States, brought about the irrevocable unification of the Princely States with the State of India, irrespective of whether they accepted to become a part of any future constitutional organisation of India. The integration of Jammu and Kashmir into the State of India was, therefore, brought about by the accession of the State to India and not by Article 370.

Evidently, Article 370 was not in any way connected with the so-called autonomy of the State. In fact, it placed the State outside the federal structure of India, the federal division of powers between the Union and the States and the jurisdiction of the federal judiciary, including its power of judicial review, which guaranteed the autonomous identity of the States in India.

The oft-repeated assertion that Article 370 was an enabling act, was politically motivated and used by successive State governments to perpetuate the unrestricted power to rule by decree, vested in them, by Article 370. Plenary powers would vest in the Constituent Assembly a veto not only on all constitutional relationships between the Jammu and Kashmir State and the Union of India, but also on its accession to India.

Read Lavkare The resident non-Indians’ take on J&K


7 thoughts on “Why is Jammu Still Burning ?

  1. Spot on.

    The Article 370 was a betrayal of the hindu communities indegenous in Kashmir. It has resulted in a creeping and one-way ethnic cleansing and the resultant changing demographic. The reason why a plebiscite now will never have the same outcome as the original intended in ’47.

    Few Indians know about this Article 370 and the disastrous consequences it has subsequently had when they argue about the Kashmir issue.

    It is time it was brought to the forefront, it is sad that it had to be under such circumstances. Then again it had to be so before the nation (and the world) sits up and takes notice.

  2. on plebiscite
    ur right The man who promised it is long dead.
    first it cannot happen because a third of jnk is with Pakistan and pakistan has unilaterally given a part to China
    There should be a region wise plebiscite on revokation of article 370 that will free the ladakhis and jammu residents from the autocracy of the radical bunch that hog the power and the eyeballs

  3. The Pm, NC and PDP is also clearly playing politics on this issue as is the terrorist Yasin mallik who once kidnapped the current dy chief of PDP Mehbooba Mufti during the VP Singh era…

    Sources privy to the deliberations said Jaitley retorted to Singh’s suggestion that the psyche of Kashmir needs to be understood to resolve the crisis in the state. “Presently there is urgent need to understand Jammu and its problems if peace is to be brought back in the state,” Jaitley reportedly said.
    … from dna

    Striking a dramatic note, Abdullah said he would have to visit his father Sheikh Abdullah’s grave and ask whether staying on in India after Partition had been the right decision. “A time has come when I could require a visa to visit Jammu,” he said.
    Mehbooba’s speech was no less high-pitched as she said the blockade resulting from the Jammu stir could result in the Valley “looking to the road to Muzzaffarabad (PoK)”.
    ….from the toi
    and here are public reactions


  4. I think the Indian Government has a sufficient mandate and power to crush these activities but they are worried about vote banks and international noise. Pakistan is in pitiable state anyway and now is the right time to act. This is so sad 😦

  5. good post.

    why – lots of reasons.
    where there is economic development, people don’t tend to riot.
    J & K through a combination of silliness – article 370, the violence, lack of investment, lack out oustiders owning land, the cause of mass exodus of educated elite — has managed to be one step above Bihar & UP

    Seriously, the people of the state have too much time on their hand, too little to do.

    Get them integrated into the main stream – industry, jobs, aspiration, achievement …. may work better than political solutions !

  6. thanks
    not just that the problem here is that intolerant radical kashmir valley politicians and separatists that has fed on pak havala money for a long time and that has firm grip on the state assembly with unlimited powers thanks to art 370 resists change or delimitation which will reduce their numbers superiority in the jnk assembly

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