Govt in denial?

India, among other things is battling inflation and slowdown. The fact that the govt is in denial about inflation and bad policy and is doing nothing corrective except hoodwinking people is evident and dangerous because the first sign of combating a problem is to accept its existence and that does not seem to be happening  as both the FM and the PM are talking big when the bleak picture stares us in the face .

Though we have witnessed a worldwide fall in commodity prices, oil, gold and euro the inflation here is still going up – and nobody in power is bothered. Oil which has cooled off from 140$ a barrel to $113 may just see another rally. Read Premature obituary for oil. Policy inaction and looming crisis

Sadly the press plays second fiddle to the people in power most of the time , and only talks mehngai , the day inflation figures are out conveniently switching to sports or soaps for trps.

Window dressing govt books fools no one especially not the suave and well informed fiis who have been shorting the markets not just here but also in Singapore. Read PN stock powers short sales abroad.

Lastly there is indecision and calculative divisive vote bank politics that takes precedence over good old common sense and logical governing Read the PM’s biggest failures

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