Calls to get cheaper!

TRAI recently cleared the air on VOIP by officially legalising it. Previously voip was in a legally gray area and telephone cos and ISPs shy ed away from providing / terminating  voip based calls to end consumers.

But the other issue here is that Trai is not so independent a regulator and needs govt approval on important issues and  this decision would mean loss in revenue of psu telephone cos – yes im talkg about MTNL and soon to be disinvested co BSNL . Read BS

Thanks to this decision, things are set to change, so expect another price war and cheaper ISD and STD calls carried on the VOIP platform very soon.   Read TOI


7 thoughts on “Calls to get cheaper!

  1. Prax,
    I read in the paper today that TRAI has ‘plans’ to ask the service providers to issue interusable calling cards like for eg, I can buy vodafone card and use on airtel phone…
    The idea is good and is to bring good competition and to bring std rates down.

  2. Xylene that is a totally different matter
    All telecos hate to loose revenue to competition
    and reason that they dont yet have infrastructure to support advanced features

    Looks like trai intended to circumvent that arguement but this is a first good step

  3. Prax,
    Yes, remember an old TRAI plan for interoperable mobile numbers (I can change service provider without changing my number). But the n.w providers claim that they don’t have infrastructure for that service. I think its only because they dont want to lose customers.
    I mean all the latest technology is here in India.
    But if these plans do see light in future, then we would have some healthy competition.
    I think the call rates are the cheapest in the world here.
    In the US I heard, you have pay 50$ for 600Mins prepaid card (incoming and outgoing), that’s pretty bad.

  4. True but for a us citizen that might nt be so bad

    yes we have the cheapest but the densest network in india and call drops etc are not uncommon

    i agree on the interoperability issue
    noone wants to loose customers
    but the card step is a welcome move

    finally trai is junior to the telecoms ministry and cabinet and the telecom providers can provide plenty of funds to politicians

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